Delete button for thread makers.

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10:13pm Jun 14 2011

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Now before you go ahead of yourself and think. This is stupid. Let me explain.
What my idea here is quite self explainitory... But what I was thinking is that res should have a button, it's only allowed wo be on The First post of a topic. As in, the whole topic itself. I'm thinking it could be placed under the 'Edit' button? Y'know where that is, so it would be easily acessable, and it would say something simple like... 'Delete Topic'.
I already know what a big concern could be for people who edit their main posts alot... 'What if I'm just trying to edit my post and I accidentally delete my whole topic? D<' No fear. I've a simple solution for that too. When you are to hit 'Delete Topic', it will referseh your page with a (Hopefully BIG. With red letters. and glitter.) notice along the very top, like the one that come up when your about to delete a pet hatch you didn't want? It could read something like 'Blah blah, are you sure you want to delete this topic, blah blah blah, this is permenant, blah blah, can't be retrieved, blah blah...' The two possible choices, also like the hatch deleltion notice 'Yes, I would like to delete this topic; No, I would NOT like to delete this topic.'

The reason I suggest this is... Have you seen some of the forums? There are so many dead threads just lying around, clogging up space. My attention especially at the 'Advertisments' and 'Roleplaying.' There is no way that all those hundreds. Even thousands of threads are ALL in use. So why not make it possible for their owners to delete them, nice and easy?
But it's not just for all the dead threads that are causing clutter... It could be for advertisments for an auction... As soon as your auction is over, you can deletethe thread, and it's done with. Same with contests... Once your contest has concluded, prizes have been received and all that, simply have the option to delete your thread. Maybe even for when people orginize One on Ones that always make a seperate thread once the've got their RP idea... they can delete there 'I want to one on one but not here' Thread.
I understand that there is a sticky thread in the advertisments that you can post your unused threads on for deletion. But how many people are the ones that actually delete them? I can't imagine it being all too many, so it's not like when you post something there it gets deleted instantly. Some times it'd take 2 or so days to get it gone. By then its probably already been replaced with another 10 topics that wont be of use eventually. I'm just suggesting this because it would make the process of clearing out the forums MUCH quicker. I've always been one to think that when there's less of a mess it's easier to find something... wouldn't the same apply to all these topics?
Even if you don't support this, I thank you all for listening, at least there's a possibilty this could inspire you to help a little as well *bows*


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4:50pm Jun 15 2011

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...  Idea stealer...  XDDD'  Lolol jk.  I'm glad you made this, I would have been too lazy to.  <3  Complete Support~


8:44pm Jun 15 2011

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Yeah that is such a great idea (hey everyone llets get a delete button for threads)  everyone: (YEAH)

2:53am Jun 16 2011

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Support. Plus it will be one less job for the staff.

But I sort of don't support, because that would mean someone could post something inappropriate and get away with it by just deleting it afterwards, making it seem like nothing happened. It's pretty shady enough that people are allowed to edit their posts. Know what I mean?

But yes, the option would be useful. 

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2:51pm Jun 16 2011


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This has been brought up before, and it will not happen because it could too easily be abused. As Jenny said, inappropriate posts could be made, and also raffles could mysteriously disappear, etc. Too much potential for abuse.


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