bronze color?

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7:05am May 14 2011

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well we have silver and gold, so why not a bronze color? and possibly platinum. platinum would be a dye kit though.

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2:17pm May 15 2011 (last edited on 2:17pm May 15 2011)

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Platinum is too much like silver, and bronze is too much like sepia/ginger :(
What we need is some colors that aren't just paint jobs. Like baby or something. xD


5:18pm May 15 2011

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Mabye the bronze could be just a much darker metallic gold instead of brown? xDD


4:46am May 16 2011

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That would be cool. But they should make a colour that has pale blue, pink and yellow. That would look nice (all colours pale) :)


12:14pm May 16 2011

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Current kir quest - blonde leverene

7:25pm May 17 2011

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To what Eya said, if she meant change to a 'baby' type like changing the complete looks, that would be wayyyy too much like Neopets. I would hate it if that happened. :/

The whole theme of the Creatu would change.

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1:44am May 19 2011

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Has been suggested.

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