Allow mods to delete 'inappropriate' messages in the chat

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9:42pm Jun 18 2021 (last edited on 9:47pm Jun 18 2021)

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if you are very serious about protecting certain groups from seeing certain words or topics in the chat, a warning is fair enough, but because the chat moves so slowly when there is not a lot of people online, that 'inappropriate' message or words can hang around for a long time with many people still able to view it. apparently staff are unable to delete the messages.

cons of the idea:

staff abusing the delete function to silence people they don't like, or cover up stuff they have been talking about with users in the chat logs

any way to delete the message in the chat but keep it in the logs?


9:16pm Jun 19 2021

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Maybe a way to edit messages instead? Like a compromise between deleting and having inappropriate stuff there. Don’t know if that’s possible with a shoutbox, but maybe?

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