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1:17pm Jun 21 2011

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I know whats been said about CS pets being retired permanently, but hear me out. What if (for a decently large) number of refferal points you could purchase one? it would help the site, their value would not be completely destroyed, and we wont have to fear the day when there are no more of these wonderful pets we all love in circulation to purchase or otherwise obtain.

so what do you think?


10:17pm Jun 21 2011

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Can we get 'Unretireing old CS Pets' added to Topics Not for Debate?


10:40pm Jun 21 2011


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No Support :c

Sorry, but the pets retired for a reason



8:01am Jun 22 2011

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I don't support. Patrick and other various staff members have already explained that the Kioka, Omni, and Liyure and retired FOREVER and that they will never be coming back.

I agree with Xee, this definitely belongs on Topics Not Open For Debate.

We fell through the ice when we tried not to slip.


10:28am Jun 22 2011

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oh well, i give up on this >_>


2:24pm Jun 22 2011

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Added to non-discussion.
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