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4:36am Jun 20 2011

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Well, this isn't going to be an extremely detailed suggestion. It's just that, I find it very annoying when I'm looking through pet auctions for specfic pets/colours.

For example, I need an albino Veram for Kir. There's no option for me to search for one in the auctions, so I have to go through every single page there. Or, if I'm looking for albinos in general. I still have to go through every page of auctions.

They have this for item trades, so why not for pet auctions? If this has already been suggested, or is already going to be in V3, I apologise.

~ Pere 


1:36pm Jun 20 2011

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Support, I often find this very annoying too. :)

Albino Uilus 24/120

2:26pm Jun 21 2011

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Support. Not only for specific pets/colors, but I would like to have things alphabetized by name too. o3o

Having different sorting options would be great. Like sorting from ascending order on which auction ends the soonest. 

i’m such a gamer uwu

8:52pm Jun 23 2011

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Thanks guys. ^^


6:07pm Jun 26 2011

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Support I find this agervating sometimes too.


1:43pm Jun 30 2011


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There is already the option to sort by name, owner, current bid, and date end. Just click the column header =P Adding color would be nice too.


6:22pm Jul 1 2011

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Oh! I never noticed that, Broken. xD Thanks for sharing. <3 I agree about adding colour. :)

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