Wrath of The Glitch

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4:06pm Jan 6 2019 (last edited on 4:07pm Jan 6 2019)

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 One day I have decided to look for a couple eggs. I clicked to go to the planet, Scria. I usually hunt for Zaphao eggs, but I haven't seen any in a while. I refreshed once more and my Tesuri was no longer my selected pet. Instead, my already hatched Zaphao, JeonJungkookBTS was there. "I thought I gave you to Loyna". I thought to myself. I refreshed the page and the Zaphao was gone. A notification popped up. "You have 1 unread alert! Please click to view!" so I did.

The message had a bunch of jumbled up text, but then said, "I deleted Hutoi! Do you love me now?" as I read the message, I knew at that point something was wrong. I went to the Loyna shrine, but to my surprise, it was completely in ruin. little sparks of electricity surrounded the area. A text box popped up. "You shouldn't have left me!" it said. "What even-" I said to myself. I clicked out of the Loyna Shrine and went to feed my creatu.

I selected "Feed pets now" and all of my food supply was gone. Another text box appeared. "Yum! Thanks for feeding me!" with a picture of a Zaphao's head. "Seriously!? I gave you to Loyna so the planet Scria could be replenished!" thinking out loud. 

The Zaphao somehow heard what I said. The sprite seemed to change from a happy face to a rather sad one. "I thought you loved me." it said in a textbox. I clicked out of it once again, only to find a Zaphao egg. "Just please, hatch me again. I wanna be back with you." The textbox said. I clicked "pick it up" and put it in my hatchery. Hutoi was back as my selected pet, and everything seemed normal. All my pets were fed and not even hungry.


I hope you liked this story. No, this did not actually happen! 


7:38pm Nov 6 2019

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Was pretty good

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6:00pm Nov 8 2019

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I made my own version of Wrath of the Glitch:

I need more eggs, and I am hoping for a Kayoki, so I go to Scria.  I can't find any eggs, though. Probably just lag. I think, and refresh. Hey! Where's Mendi! My selected pet, a Kayoki, is gone. Instead, I see Magyck, my dead Cyid. Freaky!  I think about a support ticket, but it seems like a small detail. I am too happy to think about it, and I forget. I hurry to feed him, but all the food in my inventory is gone! I remember a trade I had set up a while ago, that has some food in it. When I go to trades to cancel it, I see an alert. Normally I would check it, but I am too excited, and decide to wait. 
When I look at the trade, there are blank spaces where the food was. I'm really creeped out now. I buy some food from the NPC shops. I go to my inventory and click food as the category. I see the food, but a second later, it's gone! I try not to panic, and check my alerts. My newest alert says; Magyck has sent you Rmail. I read the Rmail.
" 'I am back. Thank you for feeding me, but I am still hungry...' " A movement in the corner of my eye catches my gaze, and I watch Magyick transform into a Cyancu! I have a horrible thought, and quickly click the green arrow hat switches pets. I check this pet's health, and I panic as it slowly drains. I search my inventory for potions to help, but I don't have any. My pets, one by one die, until only Magyick and a Zenirix is left. 
"Stop!" I yell. The Zenzirix's health stops dropping. I get an alert. Another Rmail from him. I dread reading  it, but I do. " 'You never fed me! I died! You never bothered to find a Resurrection potion!' " The Cyancu changes to a blonde Jaaku.
Tears run down my face as I realize this is true. "I'm sorry!" I sob, burying my face in my hands. I receive another Rmail. " 'Just refresh. Please.' " I read. I obey, feeling ashamed at the way I treated Magyck. When the screen finishes, I check, and all my pets are alive and have full health. Suddenly, I am at my hatchery. A RSTU001 egg is there. I hatch it, but it is already named. Magyck. I smile.

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