The Story...of Fronth

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Chapter 1
"Huh?" The newborn uilus squealed. "Where am I?" Her mother abandoned her at birth, tossing her into the Atqueen Forest. "Mommy?" The baby called. "where are you?" She sat up and looked around. Seeing nothing of interest she began to cry. After crying herself to sleep, she lay there for hours until a stranger came along. "Oh no" "poor baby..." The stranger said. She gently picked the baby up and headed home.
Chapter 2
Once they were at the persons house, she set the newborn in a dog bed filled with blankets. "There you go" then she went into the kitchen to bake some food for her. Soon the baby uilus woke up. She yawned then looked around. "Where am I now?" She asked herself. BAM!!! a pan fell in the kitchen. "Ahhhh!" She screamed then ran and hid under a chair. "Huh?" The stranger heard her then ran into the living room. "Baby uilus?" "Where did you go?" Beep beep! The food in the oven was done. The stranger went into the kitchen and took a pan of cookies out of the oven. "Mmmmmm they smell so good..."
Chapter 3
The cookies cooled down and she took a bite. "Mmmmmm so good..." The uilus smelled them and realized she was very hungry. She slowly went out of hiding and found her way to the kitchen. "Oh there you are baby!" The stranger said. The uilus got scared and slowly backed away. "It's OK" The stranger said to her. "Have a cookie" she put a cookie down on the floor a foot away from the baby. She quickly crawled over and ate it. "Mmmmmmmm.... More?" She said nervously. "Of course!" The stranger chirped" she got a plate and put more cookies on it and set it by the baby. She quickly gobbled them up.
Chapter 4
After a few hours, the baby uilus had gotten used to the stranger and now they were cuddling on the couch while watching television. "Oh I almost forgot. You need a name! Oh and, my name is Mary Ann" the uilus nodded. "I'll call you....Fronth?" Fronth smiled and nodded again. "OK I guess you like that name Fronth!" A month passed and now Fronth and Mary Ann were very close friends, Fronth had grown too! She was now big enough for Mary Ann to ride her! "Hey Fronth, I'm going out for a bit, don't get into trouble while I'm gone!" "OK Mary!" Fronth said. Mary came back half and hour later holding a bag. "What's in the bag?" Fronth asked Mary. Mary reached in the bag and held up bottle thing? "What is it?" Fronth asked. "It's a magenta dye kit! It will make you pink!" Mary said. "Oh yay yay yay yay!!!! Thank you!" Fronth chirped excitingly.
Chapter 5
Mary filled the bath tub with nice hot water and poured the bottle of pink stuff in. Fronth jumped in and, by the time the bath was done, Fronth was pink! "Wow you look pretty in pink Fronth!" Mary said. "why, thank you!" Fronth looked at herself in the mirror. "I do look pretty!". Now it was winter, Fronths favorite season. Today was an especially chilly day outside, but Fronth wanted out! Mary let her outside and she played for a few hours. " OK Fronth, time to come back in!" Mary yelled. Fronth ran back in. Mary gasped. "Fronth...your frosted!" "I am?" Fronth gasped excitedly. She turned around and looked at herself. "I am!" Mary and Fronth were best friends, and still are. 
Thanks for reading! This is basically how I got my best friend Fronth. Sorry about my typing errors, I'm not very good at typing! 

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