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8:50pm Oct 10 2010

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A short that I wrote a while back.


Holding onto your hand so tightly. It’s so soft and warm.  You smile at me, and I feel like crying.  But I won’t cry, instead, I hold out my hands and bring you softly into an embrace.

Your voice is quiet at first, but then it slowly grows louder as you place your hands against my chest, “Did you ever think it would really end like this?”

I sigh and stare up.  The sky is blackened with smoke and ash…I’ve breathed so much in that it hurts.

“No…I imagined worse.”

I feel you laugh slightly, and I know that you’re crying at the same time.

“Yeah…me too.”

And slowly you look up at me, and as I lean in closer, I feel the irony of the situation. Our first kiss is quickly becoming out last.




9:11pm Oct 10 2010

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...That's so sad. D8


Way to make me be SAD. D8<


You horrible person. D8< You're worse than that little kid's pants.


...But I really like this. ;_; <3


4:29pm Oct 17 2010

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/hopes I'm not necroposting >_>
I realy love this.
It's so... sad.
But I really really like it. Great job.<3


2:37am Oct 29 2010

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This is so beautiful a short. <33

Great work. :3 

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