Pokemon (Again :P)

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6:03pm Oct 12 2010

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"Just give me it already!" 10 year old Liza whined, her face in a pout.  She had short light blonde hair that was a little higher than her shoulders, and although her eyes were supposed to be blue they appeared to be more grey.  "No one wants to hear your stupid speech!" And she stomped on the floor hard and crossed her arms, looking persistent on getting her Pokemon now.  Like everyone else, she was standing up instead of sitting on the chairs that they were supposed to be in.

"Wait, Liza." A lady in her 60s said calmly, moving her hands in a motion that meant 'calm down'.  "So before I give you your Pokem-"

And then little 10 year old Marissa, a tall and slim girl with long curly hazel hair that hung down to her waist and bright brown eyes, stepped up front and slapped the lady on her arm really hard.  "Thats what you get for not giving us our Pokemon earlier." She said proudly, looking up like someone who just accomplished something miraculous.  Or a super model pose.

Then everyone burst into laughter, and this reddened the lady's face. 

The lady stared at her in shock, her mouth wide open and her wrinkles around her mouth more obvious.  When she gathered up the courage to speak again, her first reaction was to scold.  "How dare you!" She said, shocked with her mouth still wide opened.  "Very rude!"

"Well old ladies like you should just hand us kids Pokemon before you receive slaps from even more of us!" Liza snapped, clearly on Marissa's side.  And so were the rest of the kids, who all just wanted their Pokemon.  All but one stupid kid named Joey.

Joey walked up front and stood on his tippy-toes, trying to place his short chubby hand on the lady's shoulder to show he was on her side.  "Be nice." He scolded, not looking at them and even jumping just to get his hand on her shoulder.  It appeared as if he were talking to the lady.  Joey was a short and chubby boy, who had really red cheeks (or was it because he was almost always angry?).  He had no friends, and it was obvious why.  He defended teachers and thought he was a super-hero, no one wants someone like him as a friend.  Except for teachers.

"Exactly," The lady said, smiling at Joey.  Then she turned to look at the kids.  "See?  This young man has manners, something all of you are still yet to learn.  Now show respect, young children." Then she felt a hard slap on her arm, and without thinking let out an 'ow!'.

She turned around and saw Joey, his cheeks redder than ever from embaras.sment.  "Sorry." He said, appearing as if he were trying to hide himself from her.  While trying to reach for her shoulder he had accidentally slapped her arm.  It was shocking to know he still hadn't given up on giving her a 'hand on shoulder' kind of thing.

"That was rather rude too." She said, doing something close to a glare at him as if he hadn't helped her at all.  And the kids burst into laughter again.

"Joey and old woman, sitting on a tree." Marissa began to sing, motioning for everyone to follow, unaware that Joey and the lady's face was red.

"K-i-s-s-i-n-g!" Everyone finished at the same time, afterwards laughing so hard that most of them nearly fell.  Wow, kids laugh a lot.


I'll write more later. ;D 

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10:39pm Oct 12 2010

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Yeah, right more. And those kids are mean.


3:57pm Oct 13 2010

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Lol yes, those kids are mean. xD


The lady's face (and Joey's), were now literally steaming with anger and embarras.sment, although Joey was more embarras.sed than angry.

"You know what?" The woman managed to say through all the noise, her voice angry.  "Only Joey shall get Pokemon. Bad and misbehaved children like you shouldn't have the opportunity to have a Pokemon of your own." She skipped her whole lecture and while smiling, not the slightest bit upset that most of the bad children were crying, she handed Joey a shiny new ball.

Joey began to hyper-ventilate, staring at his ball like it's a miracle.  Then he began to slobber all over it.  He thought that if he began to slobber it showed that he loved the Pokemon, but instead all the kids were grossed out, disgusted looks on their faces.

"Lets get out of here!" Marissa shouted angrily.  "This stupid lady won't give us our Pokemon and Joey is being disgusting." There were a few whispers and mumbles, and then everyone nodded and followed her outside of the building.

Meanwhile Joey was now juggling his ball, and whenever it would fall he would slam himself onto the ground the that the ball would land on him and not break.  The lady, who was rather bothered by Joey's oddness, walked away.

"Go!" He shouted tossing the ball into the air after he had finished juggling.  Out came a small Totodile, that was much smaller than how Totodile were supposed to be.  And it was chubby too, like Joey.  Then came their 'brother-like love', and they being to slobber all over each other.  Gross.

Suddenly, in front of Marissa and all the children, appeared a dark figure.  He reached out and grabbed Liza and Marissa, who screamed, but everyone just ran away for their own sake.

"Let go, let go, let go!" Marissa shrieked, kicking and screaming.  But he didn't let go, threw them into his van and slammed the door.  They were captured.


My next part will be about Joey and his Totodile, Marissa and Liza's fate (and why they were captured), and then i'll fast-forward to when they grow up to be adults. 

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