Being A Mutant Zennie

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5:33pm Apr 23 2017 (last edited on 11:06pm Apr 23 2017)

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Zzzzzzzzzz. I was a asleep in my egg, dreaming about on day finally hatching, for it has been over a hundred days now and I'm spoiled. I doubt I'll ever hatch now....
Chapter 1
Ow! My egg was being jossled around by some person, I couldn't really see who through the tiny air holes in my egg. "I'll hatch this one, its so old!" I heard a man say. The suddenly, I felt a great need to stretch, in doing so, I accidentally cracked my egg! "Yeah come on, zennie, its okay, your supposed to break the egg!" What? Break my egg? What will happen to me? I softly whimpered, then I heard a small bark back. Startled, I bumped into the crack and made it bigger! I decided I had to see who was barking at me, so I pushed on it a little more. Light flooded into my egg, forcing me to squint, I then pushed all the way through!
Chapter 2
"Oh wow, another mutant zenirix!" The man said. I looked around and saw another mutant zenirix! She looked a bit older then me, but just as fun. Soon I was named Deilla, and I soon figured out the other mutant zenirix was Puche. We got along extremely well. When I was about 20 days old, the man put me and Puche into this weird white room with lots of other creatu. "Goodbye, Puche and Deilla" he said sadly. As he walked away I could hear him softly cry. Where were we? Why did he put us here? I had so many questions, and so did Puche, but none of the other creatu could answer our questions. 
Chapter 3
One day, as me and Puche were asleep, we were scooped up by a lady who then took us home. We woke up in her arms and looked around. Creatu were every where, but the ones that caught my eyes first were called Fronth and Sorian. Every day after that, Fronth and Sorian were like parents to me and Puche. Life was good, until one day when I woke up and Puche wasent there. I howled for her but got no responce. Worried, I ran straight to Fronth and Sorian. They said she was being "Dyed". Of course I had no idea what this meant, but then I heard Puche barking. Excited, I ran over to the sound and there I found Puche, only, she was yellow! This must be what dyed meant, changed color! Hopefully, some day I'll be dyed to!
And me and Puche lived happily ever after, the end.

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