Help me price my writing?

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8:12am Nov 29 2017

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so, I'm considering creating a writing shop, but I'm not sure what to price my writing at. here are a few examples of things I've written.

Even in Death - from LioDen
Snow White Queen - from LioDen

I'm thinking of having a 5m base price per story plus 500k per paragraph. only paragraphs that have three or more sentences that are ten or more words long would count towards that total. what do you all think?


8:22am Nov 29 2017

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i say at least 5 mil if in TU

11:33am Nov 29 2017

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First off, I think this is a fantastic idea.

If the story is the same length as your short story, then 5 mill is an excellent price considering the work you have to put in for around a page of creative writing.

Pricing per paragraph is a great idea too as sometimes people what just one paragraph to put on a Pet Page or something. 500K for a short paragraph sounds really fair.

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