Checking price for commissions

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11:27pm Apr 3 2020 (last edited on 8:43am Jan 22 2021)

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11:36pm Apr 3 2020

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12:09am Apr 4 2020 (last edited on 12:12am Apr 4 2020)

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These prices sound perfectly fair to me!
Your art is so lovely <3 Very stylistic and great use of color!

Some artists also like to indicate their prices for headshots, waist-ups, and fullbody for each type of commission.
So for example:

Headshot - 7m
Waist-up - 12m
Fullbody- 15m

Flatcolor/ Cell shade:
Headshot - 25m
Waist-up - 30m
Fullbody - 35m

I'm just suggesting random numbers there :)


1:20am Apr 4 2020

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Your art is really great!!

I think the prices are good :)


1:32am Apr 4 2020

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Thanks very much! :)


11:38pm May 27 2020

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if you do fullbodies only (regarding to what shino said with the partial pricing), id say the prices you have are very fair! your art is high quality and it has this really interesting quality to it, id love seeing more from you!


11:49pm May 27 2020

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Thanks omnoms ^^ <3

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