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11:56pm Jun 30 2019


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As most of us know Collections are a bit messy and there are some hard to get.
And we could most definitely use some new collections!!

So I am here to ask you...

Any ideas on new collections?
What collection/what items?
Make sure these ideas contain obtainable items
And no one item in multiple collections

Any ideas on what collections should be removed and why?

Thank you for your suggestions!


12:32am Jul 1 2019

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1) If a collection is removed, do we get the items back?
2) Any collections with items you can no longer get or are otherwise unique should be removed
3) I can't recall which two collections, but there are two food ones that are exactly the same. One should be removed because, well, it's redundant

6:44am Jul 1 2019

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1. some new event collections! Valentines has so many new plushies and easter has new flowers. all the holidays are making more items that you don't really use, but theirs no collections to put them in to show them off so they just sit in your inventory forever.

2. key collection, ex: key of life & key of knowledge

3. weapons collection, wolf shield or shillelagh. any weapons or the like without a collection.

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8:45am Jul 1 2019 (last edited on 8:16pm Jul 1 2019)

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Kind of a side note but: A section next to completed collections for collections you've started is something I've always wanted... sometimes I feel like I lose items because I start a collection and forget about the items and cant find it again to complete ;o

A collection for marbles if we dont ever get a squishy shelf/library type thing for them or sub collections for different types of marbles

EDIT: By marble collections I was referring to the planet marbles(scria marble, relcore marble, atquati marble, reiflem marble) or the beach ball marbles (natural/sepia/black/cream/ginger/silver/blonde/gold and silver/albino beach ball) since those are findable/seasonal (?)

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5:19pm Jul 1 2019

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Disagreeing to the key collection because afaik those are retired with no way to get them now.

I'd like to see some apple collections for the new staff apples -- would also very much like the grammar on the old ones updated.


5:20pm Jul 1 2019

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Maybe have Winner item collections.
So.. let's say you win a contest,
And you win a marble.
You can put it there, instead of
Putting it in the marble collection,
That no one could complete.

I would love to have rewards for
Completing any collection.
Not just hard ones.
If we complete the Reiflem egg
Collection.. then we could
Get a cool avy, or maybe
TU, or maybe an all
Egg squishy. 

Not sure what to put down as
A whole collection.
Spoiled egg collection.
Bug collection.
Halloween toy collection.
Make a new line of
Makeup,and make a new
Makeup collection. 

I would like to get rewards,
Mostly based on the collection,
You have collected.

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7:56pm Jul 1 2019


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If you have ideas for specific collections, please post all the items that you would include in it. There is a good chance we'll add it.

8:25pm Jul 1 2019 (last edited on 8:43pm Jul 1 2019)

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We definitely recent event specific collections, I kept some extras from this year's Valentine's event in hopes that they would be made into a collection.

I don't have a name for it but something along the lines of "Valentine's 2019" with the items "Love Bird", "Blue Bird", "Love Noodles", and possibly some of the other cards that don't go into the card collections

Also maybe adding the "Frozen Candy Heart", "Frozen Candy Heart Shards", and the new Apathetic and Amorous Squishys to their respective collections

I also think their should be an Aura Candle collection with all of the Aura candles or that they should be added to their respective planet collections

Edit: I don't think that we should remove collections with one or two unobtainable items, but I do think that the collections should be updated to no longer include the items that are unobtainable, and I hope that the items in collections that are removed return to the users' inventory


3:39pm Jul 2 2019 (last edited on 5:09pm Jul 27 2019)

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First, both the "Tonque Flowers" collection and the "Rude Flowers" collection, are exactly the same, so I think one of those should be removed.

Second, in the "Reiflem." collection, there are two "Reiflem Squishy", but one doesn't actually let you add the item. I'm not exactly sure what's going on there to be honest. Are there two items exactly the same called Reiflem Squishy, or is it an old version of the item? Either way, it's wonky, and it'd be nice if the second one was removed from the collection.

Third, I agree with emokisa that collections don't necessarily need to be removed, just adjusted to not include the unattainable items. Or remade without them if changing them isn't possible.
On that note, I think that "Chibi Zenirix Squishy" should be removed from the "Zenirix Squishies" collection, because it's retired, and the only item in the collection that is.
As well as the "Baby Uilus Squishy" from both the "Uilus Squishies" and "Uilus" collections, unless it's a seasonally available item (I'm not sure where it came from originally).

Fourth, I suggest that the "Calico Creatu Squishies" and "Mutant Creatu Squishies" collections be removed, and instead that the Calico, Mutant and also Achromatic squishies get added to the individual creatu squishy collections.
For example, the "Calico Zaphao Squishy", "Mutant Zaphao Squishy", and also the "Achromatic Zaphao Squishy" would all become part of the "Zaphao Squishies" collection.
Currently a lot of the Calico, Mutants and especially Achromatics are not part of any collections, and the Quelis Squishies collection already contains the Calico and Achromatic Quelis, so I believe the others could too.

Fifth, as for a new collection, I suggest a combined collection for the CS pet Squishies, at least the commonly available ones. I'm not sure exactly what a could name for it would be, but it could contain the normal colours, the ones that are sold in the squishy shop (Natural/Black/Albino/Achromatic). So it would contain the following...
Natural / Black / Albino / Achromatic Cyid Squishy
Natural / Black / Albino / Achromatic Drachid Squishy
Natural / Black / Albino / Achromatic Ezahni Squishy
Natural / Black / Albino / Achromatic Haberisar Squishy
Natural / Black / Albino / Achromatic Jahra Squishy
Black / Albino / Achromatic Noctis Squishy
Natural / Black / Albino / Achromatic Saruka Squishy
Natural / Black / Albino / Achromatic Shaefu Squishy
Or, if that seems like too many things for one collection, it could always be just the natural squishies, which would disclude Noctis, since it's Natural coloured squishy isn't sold in the squishy shop.

Also, I support Voidbringer's suggestion for a collections being worked on section, because I would also love that.

I would also second spoiled egg collections. They could either be by home world like the normal  eggs, or by rarity. So like a common category that would contain Drindian, Otahie, Berrok, Gondra, Ahea and Zenirix spoiled eggs. A median category that contained Chimby, Meiko, Sirleon, Draqua, Valabex, Aukira and Kayoki spoiled eggs. A rare category that contained Goiba, Murren, Meragon, Zaphao, Skaldyr, Roditore, Vogar, Myotis and Veram spoiled eggs, and then a super rare category that contained Mirabilis, Tesuri, Leverene, Malal, Paor, Intes and Ardur spoiled eggs. And each category could contain a more distressed title. Like the common spoiled eggs could be "What a shame", and then the median category could be "Oh noo!", etc, but better. XD

Sorry if that was too much, also sorry that so much of it was about squishies, those are the collections I've been focused on so far, and so, the ones that I know the most about.

As if this post wasn't long enough already. XD
I've found some more duplicate (or near duplicate) collections. Some of these have a few extra items in one of the collections, but they're still pretty much the same collection.
"Manly Cloaks." and "Deluxe Cloaks"
"Snow Cones" and "Brain Freeze!"
"Ice Cream Cones" and "I Scream for Ice Cream!"

Also, I noticed that there was a collection for the crackers you can get as item rewards from the food quest, and one for the egg squishies you can get from the squishy quest (even though it doesn't include ALL of the egg squishies you can get?)... but there doesn't seem to be a collection for the Beanbags you get from the toy quest, or one for the Hand Puppets you can get from the clothes quest. So those could also be some new collections.
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