The Vintage Golden Bag contains one vintage, sought after, and retired Book, Squishy, Food, OR Clothing Item. All items in this bag are hand selected to ensure rarity and are subject to be removed or added at any time. Below is a list of the currently available items found within the Vintage Golden Bag.

Loveheart Lollipop
Strange Purple Fruit
Strange Red Fruit
Strange Yellow Fruit
Strange Green Fruit
Dealing with Brennen
Saint Patrick Bunny Squishy
Flying Veram Squishy
Reindeer Squishy
Kangaroo Taxi Service Phonebook
The Slacker: A Guide to Life
How to Catch Devyn
Sparxz Squishy
Cooking with Fire in Reiflem
Brown Sack
Green Sack
Purple Sack
Superturtle Squishy
Moon Cookie
Sloth Squishy
Strafe Squishy
Fortune Cookie
Magical Scria Scroll
RyuuKurai Squishy
Sci Squishy
Gemma the Goth Halloween Squishy
Wendy the Halloween Squishy
Turkey Nightmare
Green Bunny Squishy
Lavender Bunny Squishy
Periwinkle Bunny Squishy
Pink Bunny Squishy
Yellow Bunny Squishy
Female Gothic Shirt
Female Night Shirt
Male Gothic Shirt
Male Night Shirt
Unwrapped Caramel Egg
White Chocolate Bunny
OMG! Its a Rainbow!
Winner of Biggest Apple Contest
Reibeast Staff Squishy
Winner of Biggest Muffin Contest
Great Truffle
Summer Truffle
Winter Truffle
How to Dance
Caffeinated Turkey
Chocolate Hearts
Terry the Smitten T-Rex Squishy
Have a Heart Iluvu Squishy
The Endearing Iluvu
Canada Day Tee
Independence Day Tee
Exclusive Kioka Squishy
Exclusive Omni Squishy
Flaming Marshmallow Stick
Balancing Circus Sirleon Squishy
Gooey Smore Cake
How to Make a Campfire
Magical Mushrooms
Exclusive Liyure Squishy
Doughnut Slingshot
Chocolate Rosebud
Iluvu Chocolates
Flu Bug Squishy
What Is Love
Mamas Secret Recipe Card
Cloud Blueberry Pancakes
Thundercloud Squishy
Dirt Cake
Storm Zaphao Squishy
Chocolate Easero Egg
Fish Offering
Kings Cake
Goiba Leprechaun Squishy
A Slice of Pi
Sombrero Veram Squishy
Pizza Thrower
Taurus Steak
Strawberry Tart
Mother Aukira Nursery Ryhmes
Gemini Ring
Box of Huggles Maker
Summer Homework
Kiokas Ribbon Bow
PB and J Sanwich on a Stick
Hidden Potion Recipes
Fighting Chimby Squishy
Strawberry Swirl Sundae
The Legend of the Kioka
Cancer Crab Cupcake
Captured Star
Smelly Cheese
Book of Omni
Ardurs Favorite Squishy
Comet Hair
Infinite Popcorn Sack
Little Angel Halo
Skaldyrs Favorite Squishy
Liyure Tales
Virgo Wings
Eclipsed Hair
Eclipsed Wings
Eclipsed Eyes
Torn Eclipsed Fabric
Eclipsed Fabric
Soulless Scar
Soulless Eyes
Mark of the Soulless
Soulless Fabric
Soulless Hair
Raychol Brew
Fish Leftovers
Lava Candy Rock
Envys Curse
Gluttonys Feast
Lusts Delicacy
Egos Pride
Attack Book
Voodoo Squishy
Space Invader Cupcake
Gold Liyure Squishy
Gold Kioka Squishy
Gold Omni Squishy
Sirleon Cake
Candy Cain Squishy
Fire Mirabilis Squishy
Iluvu Cheese
Garnet Circlet
Natural Kioka Squishy
Black Kioka Squishy
Albino Kioka Squishy
Natural Omni Squishy
Black Omni Squishy
Albino Omni Squishy
Natural Liyure Squishy
Black Liyure Squishy
Albino Liyure Squishy
Natural Aerix Squishy
Black Aerix Squishy
Gold Aerix Squishy
Albino Aerix Squishy
The Lost Aerix
16 Excuses to Call In
Alfonso Fireworks Squishy
Kirs Journal
Grave Cake
Zombie Pizza
Xespa Aura
Xoria Aura
Earthly Wig
Angry Iluvu Squishy
Jack-o-lantern Pizza
Jubilant Jaaku and Egregious Ebilia
Enchanting Ebilia and Jinxed Jaaku
Galactic Veil
Easter Meat Pie
Simnel Cake
Freaky Bunny Squishy
Strawberry Moon Pie
Everlasting Kisses
Halloween 2013 Mutant Ardur Squishy
Halloween 2013 Kayoki Squishy
Halloween 2013 Zaphao Squishy
Tainted Xespa Aura
Tainted Xoria Aura
Everlasting Jar of Jellybeans
Mother Berrok Squishy
Mother Otachie Squishy
Father Quelis Squishy
Everlasting Ice Cube
Celestial Veil
Ebilia Aura
Jaaku Aura
Bone Crown
Owl Mug
Everlasting Hot Chocolate
Fluttery Veil
Spaghetti Bird
Out Of Life
Stolen Eyes
Cursed Aura
Cleansed Aura
Late Lamb Squishy
Veil of Ruwyn
Wings of Ruwyn
Green Spring Apple
Broken Potato
Five Hundred Relking Coin
One Thousand Relking Coin
Five Thousand Relking Coin
Xisters Aura
Ghost Otachie Pumpkin
Xisters Aura Wings