June 21, 2009 - Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day!

We would like to thank all those fathers who may play Rescreatu for their hard work raising and providing for their children. Everyone else should make sure to thank their fathers!

We've made some adjustments to the game that should make it run faster. Please post in this update letting us know if you have experienced a better load time now.


A new creatu has been spotted around Reiflem! It has been named, Ardur.





P.S. Please thank NekoDragon for this wonderful new pet Smile

Comments: 63

upperdragon - August 3, 2009
It's My New Fav Pet! Thanks! :D
Eblialover - June 29, 2009
Thank you for making an also pet but I am upset about I can never find that egg
Menat123 - June 29, 2009
thank you for he new pet on rescreatu. i already have one. thank you.
Wind Singer - June 29, 2009
How do I create a creatu, sounds like fun!
SarahFox - June 29, 2009
Thanks! I love it. But it's strange how the teen and adult are just about the same because they are facing the same way, And they're feet look the same both ways. But mind you, They are cool. But the baby may be a bit strange...
lionleggz - June 25, 2009
awesome!! Its been a couple of weeks since I've been on! This is a nice surprise!!
MoonChaser - June 24, 2009
By the way, does this mean Ardur are Father's Day creatu? Or can they be found any time? XD
MoonChaser - June 24, 2009
I have noticed faster loading, now that you mention it. :) I love it!
whatever6551 - June 24, 2009
Er, it's kinda ugly f you ask me. I think the Drindian Revamp should have come first!
BritneySpearsFan - June 23, 2009
DjMan12545 - June 22, 2009
Thanks, Nekodragon! I've gotta go get one right now!
Sloppycopy - June 22, 2009
I want it!!!
shaeley - June 22, 2009
oh wow! just wonderful! i must go and get one right away! thank you!
Kuoshre - June 22, 2009
Thanks so much NekoDragon, well done! I love this pet!
Todoroki - June 22, 2009
yes! my first one was a cream! they are so awesome!
Skieluver - June 22, 2009
I've been having better load times!! Thank you so much!!
Nessi - June 22, 2009
It's adorable. And I was just about to pipe up about having a creatu with crystals protruding from it. 8D
pippy10 - June 22, 2009
It's sooooooo awsome i'm gonna make mah own creatu egg :D
cheng - June 22, 2009
my new 2nd favorite! ^____________^
Phos - June 21, 2009
i like how the albino likes like an omni :P the sites running way faster for me now :D
felineLOVER - June 21, 2009
Pure Awsomeness! You rock, Neko! Its so cool i think i dont care about Kiokas and Omnies now XD
Geonightrose - June 21, 2009
::squeals happily:: Its a salamander growing crystals on its back. Oh wow, I love it. And the colors are absolutely beautiful. I think black is already my favorite. And thank you SO much for not picking pink for cream yet again. I like the off-white with the gold crystals. Very awesome. ::goes to find::
ssgarcia97 - June 21, 2009
Awesome creatu NekoDragon!!
waterspirit07 - June 21, 2009
I already found two eggs!
Taqqiq - June 21, 2009
the load time has definatly increased! and it helps because my comp runs slow anyways, so it's great to have something run a little faster! XD and congrats NekoDragon for the AWESOME new addition!!
Muirgen - June 21, 2009
I love this new pet! I want one! I am going to look in Refleim.
ithinkdragonsrule - June 21, 2009
I lurve this new pet. ^^
Seffora - June 21, 2009
It is loading faster for me. Are you going to get the job tower up and running again?
petpetjaiden - June 21, 2009
i LOVE it
Uni1234679 - June 21, 2009
Epic new creatu, and wow, the load time is amazing now o.o
Fenikkusu - June 21, 2009
And Feni isn't experiencing much lag. Thanks for whatever you guys did to fix it! xD
Traitor - June 21, 2009
O.O It's so cute!
luv2eatTacos - June 21, 2009
Thank yoooou, NekoDragon! :D
Raru - June 21, 2009
Great job, Neko And happy Father's Day everyone :3
larkspurlane - June 21, 2009
Yes, much faster, and ooooh, the Ardur! Thanks so much.
waterspirit07 - June 21, 2009
Cool It's awesome, I just got an account today! I love this site. I really think it would be cool if you could submit a creature idea to this site and hopefully get it to be on the site!
2rusty7 - June 21, 2009
these look sooooo cool
Phos - June 21, 2009
its beautiful.... :O
saryapink - June 21, 2009
Oh and happy Father's Day to all the fathers on Res and thanks Neko for this AWESOME pet!
saryapink - June 21, 2009
I have experienced a much faster, and more fun time in Rescreatu! It is like 10 times faster than before and now I can't stop playing since it's faster! Now, this game is the #1 fastest loading computer game i've expereienced (Really). Thanks a lot and now i'm going to enjoy a much faster game! I love Res!
Roxas - June 21, 2009
Though I think the middle and adult look a like.
Roxas - June 21, 2009
Happy father's day. Thanks Neko for the new creatu o:
r1a2c3120 - June 21, 2009
Merry Father's Day! I love the Ardur, thank you so much Neko! :}
Fenikkusu - June 21, 2009
Woah, that's a really cool pet o-o Kudos to NekoDragon again 8D
WARRIORGIRL961 - June 21, 2009
XAllurcore - June 21, 2009
My loading is much faster. Almost instant. Love the new pets by the way, great job NekoDragon. [:
Cory - June 21, 2009
whoop! lookie here,another species fer my collection! XD awesome!
GoldenFoxxmark - June 21, 2009
Krillacreat - June 21, 2009
Cutely awsomez! NekoDragon is an excellentz artist!
prianamagix - June 21, 2009
Cool! A new creatu! It looks awesome!
tigerlily26 - June 21, 2009
woot! another creatu from Reiflem! Reiflem rocks!:P
April - June 21, 2009
Thank you for the new pet, Neko. I love it ^^
CrakerJack - June 21, 2009
Looks like a dragon-snake thingy. but it also has the same back-scale things as the Omni. It has webbed feet..and a pincer on it's tail like a scorpion. It's so weird! Cool idea, though. Nekodragon if you notice my Gallery, I adore the items made after you. <33
Undertaker - June 21, 2009
Good job, Neko.
luvin0it - June 21, 2009
Are they in colors already?
psychosilver288 - June 21, 2009
Looks awesomesauce. Thanks, Neko. =3
Outsane - June 21, 2009
Thanks Neko. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers on Res!
Lilith - June 21, 2009
NekoDragon, you rock. I absolutely LOVE this creatu! :D
Silverstar101 - June 21, 2009
I LOVE THE NEW PET!!!!!!!!!!
Yoshi - June 21, 2009
Hamagawd. That's amazing. 8D Methinks I've a new favourite - still behind Meiko of course, but.
eenobegeeto - June 21, 2009
Still slow for me so far, but I'm on a mac so it might make a difference.
Soreyal - June 21, 2009
Looks cool xD
StarZ - June 21, 2009