June 15, 2009 - Kioka & Omni


Credit Shop Update 



The Kioka and Omni eggs are now available until June 19th in the Credit Shop. On Friday, these eggs will retire from the Credit Shop permanently. They will never be released again.

New Credit Shop pets will be released afterwards. 

Comments: 113

90787 - February 8, 2011
ugh i never even got those yet
MoonWhiteFang - November 5, 2009
I was goning to try the free credit program but when i saw this news, i don't think i can have anymore kioka or omni eggs even i'm new here.
ciera523 - August 14, 2009
Are you crazy you can't do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scorpia - July 1, 2009
i demand a protest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
WARRIORGIRL961 - June 29, 2009
why do you retire them I'm so not happy about this hmph...
waterspirit07 - June 23, 2009
please at least let us be able to find them just 0.05% rarity ! I probably will never have 400000000 tu :'(
Rodendi - June 21, 2009
Instead of retiring without warning to prevent those who prepared to spend real money on these items, why not give users only one or two days to get the retiring items? It would alert us to buy them if we have saved tu or credits, but also disable those who desire to spend their real money on these items from acquiring them, in effect removing their advantage.
Scorpia - June 21, 2009
if the new pets r all like that dumd dragon thing then im not impressed
Flammable - June 20, 2009
I'm a little late posting this (been away from the Internet the last few days), but I agree with Gunmetal in that the eggs should have been removed without warning. However, my reasoning is that doing it the way it was done creates a clear advantage for the richer users (and by that I mean richer IRL). Of course, with anything in the credit shop there has always existed this advantage. But in announcing that the eggs were going to be retired and giving everyone five days to get one, you don't give most users the chance to save up tu to purchase one themselves. This is an understandable effect: obviously, as it has been pointed out, if everyone had the opportunity to get one then the reason for retiring them would be lost. On the other hand, because of this, for many users the only reasonable option is to spend real money to get an egg. The only users who are able to do this are the ones who have money, or who have parents that have money, in real life that they can afford to use on virtual goods. In exchange for real currency, they're given an item in the game that is worth a large sum of the in-game currency. In essence, this allows the users with more money IRL to buy tu: $20 for what is now probably about 45 mil tu (according to a blog selling Omni eggs for 15 mil each). I realize it's too late to suggest this for the Kioka and Omni eggs, but I hope in the future eggs will be retired without warning.
XAllurcore - June 20, 2009
Scorpia, their supposed to be expensive. CX Pat is retiring them because there are a bunch of users who have a couple to alot of CS pets. Pat said himself that he never intended for users to have a couple of them, thats why their expensive. Don't worry, new ones will come soon. =]
Scorpia - June 20, 2009
No Kiokas, Omnis,or soon 2 b liyures. Remind me why i play this game again? I agree with Maybell and CarbonBlack. The prices r already outrageus so why do we need 2 make them higher. I love this site but the credit shop really hurts those players who cant spare the money. We go on virtual worlds 2 give us a break from our normal lives so why are we sucked back into them by talking of money that some lack.
Skunky - June 19, 2009
XAllurcore - June 19, 2009
I agree with what you said Supermonky. And Pat did have a good reason for doing this. People should not be complaining. :/
CrakerJack - June 19, 2009
*Talking ~100th Post~~
CrakerJack - June 19, 2009
@supermonky. lulz that was me *was noticed* yeah I was pretty much taslking about those younger impatient players ;P
Moe - June 19, 2009
Didn't read all the comments. But I read most and saw that, "members will quit cause they won't be able to get them". Well, if they quit then they are too darn impatient. I know it can be hard to make money, but please, quitting cause you can't get a PIXEL? I play this for fun, not to get every single adorable pixel and every color. I have goals of wanting them, but I'm not that desperate that I need to have it in 2 days or I'll quit.
Jzbelle - June 19, 2009
So, is it "unfair" if I just now got my driver's license, and now I can't buy a Dodge Intrepid since they don't make them anymore? No, it's not. I just have to look for someone selling one, and hope I have what they want for it. Same thing here, with a new user who really wants those retired Creatu. Some things will be harder to get, it's what makes the game interesting and fun. Doesn't mean it's unfair, it just means you have to work for it. There are LOTS of eggs for sale in User shops, plenty for around 10 mil. Play the game, earn the Tu. Real simple. I am READY for new CS Creatu, wooo!
Sunshine - June 19, 2009
I love it...keep up the good work. :)
Krillacreat - June 19, 2009
I definably agree with Maybell, and I've got something to say. This is a terrible idea because, let's just say, my mom signs up again and wants to obtain one of these Creatu. It'd be unfair for her because she'd have to waste her tu and other things to obtain one. Yes, the new people would be left without such creatu. Why not scatter them about the four worlds and make them rarer or create a whole new world where people can find them? It'd be easier that way, in my opinion, and there'd also be less sb complaints from future new people.
MiaViper - June 19, 2009
@ Maybell: i never noticed that things happening (fireing/quitting) since i was gone that time. All i can say is that before that events and after a while... the whole site was totally the same when i came back. XD - thoose leavings didn't have so much of an impact. None visible that stayed at least. This here won't too. As the MP's didn't. -- And for your examples. I remember spam always being there, and -LOTS- junktrades since the moment the trades where invented. "N00bs" always invade games... old users always will quit. But changes like this here also bring back interest of older players (like 2years+). And new ones won't care much since they don't know it different. ;3 ... oh and: i saw (massive) minnimodding in chat right my first day i signed on. Nothing new also! XD ------- @ News istelf - I don't like retiring much myself *lol* but it's just i never do that, with anything, on any site... :P - But i rather have some put out the Shop then have an even LONGER waiting time when new ones come and -all- of them have to rotate in C-shop... but for some reason i love the legendic future for this pets... them to get thier worth back they once had before the mass-haching for colors began. ^^ ----- Nice to see this site moving on... and i believe it always will as long as there are some good new users and some older ones dedicated (or rather addicted?) to Res and good staff around! *thumbs up to current active crew!* =D
Lilith - June 19, 2009
I'm posting to say I support this idea. I think a lot of us tend to forget that a negative view is much, much more likely to be given than a positive view, so those of you who are in favor, please post and show your favor! I didn't like the idea either at first, but the logic behind it is very real, and I am fine with it now that I understand the reasoning. Can't wait to see the new pets! :)
Constellations - June 19, 2009
Permanently? o.o I didn't expect that.I guess my black omni dream goes down the drain.I'll miss the Omni and Kioka I can't wait to see the new Credit shop pets x3
CrakerJack - June 19, 2009
I love this idea. Then again, if were trying to get new users on the site and they find it awfully difficult to get pets like these they might leave. 7 days would have been better. I got mine barely on time :/ Still, good idea. Omnis should be retired.
Jzbelle - June 18, 2009
Can't wait for the new Creatu, bring 'em on. :] Great job on all of the new changes, Pat and crew! Fix the last of the glitchiness, turn those artists loose on some of the current Creatu for some revamps, and I think it'll be smooth sailing (well, as smooth as pet-sites get, at least). XD
Maybell - June 18, 2009
Patrick, I love this site, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one, but if you retire these pets, you have no idea what will happen to the site. Remember what happened when you fired Eeno and Ter, and Enid, Sunshine, and WhiteRaven quit? This will be ten times worse. Hundreds of members will quit because two of the best pets on the site will never again be available. The members unable to make tu or purchase credits will probably be some of the first to leave. Some of the older members with multiple omni/kioka will either hoard them or sell them for ridiculous prices. The people with maybe one or two omni/kioka will stuff them in their showroom for display. Soon, these pets will become extremely rare, and nearly impossible to get. The value of tu will fall drastically when the prices of other pets skyrocket because of the coming revamps/ new credit shop pets. This site will never be the same. Begging and spam will sharply increase when new members are unable to afford these wonderful pets, and users that keep their omni/ kioka on their profile will receive multiple junk trades a day. Older, more devoted, members will quit because of the ,"n00bs", invading res. This is already beginning to happen, because of the lack of action taken by staff when spammers, beggars, and ,"Drama Llamas"(if you'll pardon the expression), invade the SB. Don't get me wrong, most support members take immediate action, when they are online. But when no staff are there to help, sometimes utter chaos erupts. Much minni-modding, drama, over-advertising, and overall rule-breaking occurs. *hyperventilates* I do digress... But you see my point, do you not? =o ~
Undertaker - June 18, 2009
Good going, Patrick.
Maybell - June 18, 2009
I agree with CarsonBlack!~
Moth - June 18, 2009
I hope they make one of the new CS pets like a phoenix, or maybe a griffin, that would be really great!
Patrick - June 18, 2009
Everyone was against retiring morphing potions too. But now everyone likes that decision. Everyone who is upset about this is just worried that they won't be able to get one of these pets later. Having retired them, they will be much more valuable for everyone who has one and for those who want one. If I posted saying I was giving everyone 100 credits for free, you would all love that. But it would be terrible for the game. You'll see this was a good thing sooner or later. As for the new CS pets that we eventually release being repeats at best...that doesn't really make sense. The Kioka was released first. Why weren't the Omni and Liyure considered lesser "repeats"? Future CS pets will be just as sought after as these ones have been.
Scorpia - June 18, 2009
This is stupid. Once new eggs come out, finding a Liyure will be next to immposible. And, my worries are that the new pets will look like repeats. What happens when it becomes immposible to own one of these magestic pets and the new ones are repeats at best? I dream to have a liyure but this now seems like a dying wish.
whatever6551 - June 18, 2009
Well Patrick, since you don't seem to care that most of the comments are against this, you should just sit back and wait for the hate mail to come.
Neiru - June 18, 2009
I'm not really fond of this idea either...partly because the Omni and Kioka are one of the most sought-after pets. It'll be tough for those who want them to get one, especially those with no access to credits or have as much time as others to play. Also, what of those who are new to the site and want these pets? I could imagine the prices skyrocketing into [more] millions. It'd be nice if they could be brought back on the site's anniversary, or even rotated for a bit longer like the Liyure. I'm just not too keen of these pets retiring permanently; they're really treasured pets. =/ My biased opinion.
McFlan - June 18, 2009
I'd rather retire them seasonally than get rid of them, honestly. :< And I imagine a long time from now Kiokas and Omnis will be the stuff of legends since they'll probably be practically extinct. But bleh, I have both anyway so who am I to complain. :P
Punk - June 18, 2009
i like this new change :) i mean dont get me wrong i love omni's and kioka's but new creatu would be great even if you have to get rid of some old ones.
Undertaker - June 18, 2009
What? No. That doesn't seem immature at all.
yubel4 - June 18, 2009
its a shame i dont think i will ever be able to hatch my own omni.or kioka.
bloodtaloness - June 18, 2009
kawaiiangel - June 18, 2009
I personally believe this is a bad idea, but it doesn't matter what I think. I do think it would be better to have the pets come back on the anniversary day.
whatever6551 - June 17, 2009
I dislike this intensly. I don't want to appear immature, but after Friday, I'm not hatching any eggs whatsoever. Just a statement.
LeSoleil - June 17, 2009
Atleast I got my kioka before this came out. Eep.
housesangels - June 17, 2009
please don't...... *sniff* i'll miss them!
CarbonBlack - June 17, 2009
Making them 'more rare' is all fine and good (theoretically; personally, I think they're plenty difficult for the average player to get already), but this doesn't make them harder to get; it makes them virtually impossible. Making them into a holiday item is by far more logical; why not have them available for the site's anniversary? Or make them unavailable for a year or two, and then bring them back? That was one of the things I'd really liked about this site; the rare pets and items weren't -impossible- to get, just difficult. Something like this though, where pets become unavailable entirely after a certain time, is going to make a lot of impact. Especially on the site economy. The prices for these things will sky rocket, and it's going to mess with the value placed on other things, including the value of the tu itself. I mean.. Like, I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with Gaia Online? When I joined some years back, the first item I 'quested' to get cost me something around 30k; and that had taken me a good few months to obtain; it was a lot of currency. Now that same thing is worth something like 200k, and it's considered a mid-range-priced item. You're broke if you don't have at least 100k sitting around. And this economical phenomena started when they began releasing items that were available for purchase only via actual money, and only for one month. I could go into it more, but ya know; I'd be willing to bet that everyone has a grasp on how economics work and so it'd be a waste of space. oh well, I guess. Obviously you guys are going to do what you want to, and what you (I'm sure) think is best for the site, so there isn't a whole lot of point in trying to dissuade. It's just kinda disappointing as a whole.
Yaizhbeen - June 17, 2009
I don't mind them being retired, they really were out quite a while, and I am sure new awesome pets will come. What bothers me though, is that the newly released credit shop creatu/eggs will be even more expensive to get from the very beginning. Now that people know it will be retired after a while, they will ask sky high prices. After all, all they have to do is wait a year or two for the pets retirement... And everyone who is over their "I want it know"-teenage years, can easily summon the patience to do that (not to mention that most probably these adult users have their own income and the chance to buy credits as they please). So at least I hope the new creatu eggs will be available to buy all year long, and not on-and-off, like in the past. I say that, because I owned a Liyure before, but lost it in the roll-back. And the reason why I couldn't get another one is that they were out from the credit shop for months after, and the prices sky-rocketed (not to mention that I cannot get credits, so I have to earn every TU with precious time).
Raru - June 17, 2009
Oh no, you're neutering the CS pets? :O
wolfrainwolf - June 16, 2009
*cries* Bye bye Omni and Kioka!
Rodendi - June 16, 2009
Jumping back and forth is fun, Judy. :)
Twilight3723 - June 16, 2009
I know that you guys want to add more new pets to v2, but why get rid of the old ones? It is hard enough to get Omni and Kioka's as it is, let alone taking away the like only way to get the eggs without buying them in player's rancher shops? How about making it so we can have MORE pets on our profile, and not taking away some of the best ones? I know that with v2, the administration staff is having an interesting time dealing with it all, but you can't just take away pets. Some people only play rescreatu for these pets, for most it is their main goals to even own a nattie Omni and Kioka, never mind trying to get enough eggs to hatch a colored one, or buying it.
tas94 - June 16, 2009
Patrick I understand that retireing the Omni and Kioka make room for new pets and makes them more rare, I dont have a problem with that part, but 4 days... not every body can get creadits in 4 days, it takes a week for you to get a money order and put the credits on our accounts. you say that is the whole point of retireing them, well by that line of thinking then why give 4 days at all and not just 1 or even just anounce their retirement and take them out of the shop. Yes the Kioka has been around for some time, but I have yet to see them in the credit shop since i started playing.
Windy - June 16, 2009
I read it, actually xD. Looking at things from that angle, I guess I can see why it would be a good idea. I don't necessarily like it, but that's the way life goes and at least I understand the reasoning behind it now.
Jzbelle - June 16, 2009
I really don't think that V2 "made players go crazy". Collections were introduced, which made previously unneeded items suddenly in demand. User shop prices are what people will pay, as a rule. I haven't had any trouble selling high-priced rares since V2, so that tells me that buyers are quite willing to pay what I'm charging. If users don't want to pay X amount for an item, then it doesn't sell and the Merchant will eventually lower the price. As for players just starting not being able to "get stuff," of course they can't get super-rare collection items or limited CS Creatu, but food and cool pets are pretty much FREE. I would certainly hope that someone just registering for a site couldn't afford multiple rare, limited items within 2 weeks of playing. Where's the incentive to stay and play the site then? (On a side note: If quite a few of our newer players who have deemed themselves "true Res users" would be kinder to the new players, they'd be in even better shape. That doesn't require action on Pat's part, just the introduction of common courtesy on theirs. When I see an ADULT player discouraging others from being kind to new players in the SB, something is wrong. It stinks, folks.) Regarding the "two shops" bit, I had both shops before V2, and I have both now. Pat was kind enough to give us a few free class changes with V2, so a lot of folks *used* them and made their shops. I'm confused about what that point was (sorry, lack of coffee), so I can't really say anything else there. I feel that the Rancher Class was a brilliant idea at its inception, and it's been pretty much ruined by thoughtless / uninformed Ranchers who went for quick sale over a healthy economy. I think giving Ranchers a truly marketable item is a good first step. I'll go even further and tick off some folks by saying that I think that Class changes should either go away or be REALLY hard to get. No more hopping back and forth (which I've done a lot myself). Maybe Ranchers would be more careful about pricing then, as it's their main livlihood. OY. Lookit my post. TL;DR. XD
Seffora - June 16, 2009
Patrick the problem with V2 is it made most players go crazy. Before V2 came out you could buy all four winter squishies for around 8 to 10 ml. now you can only buy one if you are lucky. I was trying to put stuff in my shop without costing to much and players buy them cheap and than charge 3X more for them. Than you have players that were just ranchers and now they have two shops and price things in there merchant shop at 20 to 50ml. I now the point is to make tu. Put for those players that just started it is hard for them to get stuff. I don't care about selling the creatu I just like to hatch and collect, but now it is not as much fun. I don't care about the eggs being taken out or not. I don't care for the creatu that much. I do like to give seasonal eggs away to players sometime. I don't sell them.
felineLOVER - June 16, 2009
WHAT?! Are you kidding me? This is stupid. For about 9 months i made about 2mil, but 4 days? An apple is what ill get with that! Totally DISAGREE with this. D':<
Juke - June 16, 2009
I love Sora's idea, or maybe make them Holiday pets? PLEASE DEAR GOD NO! D:<
Maybell - June 16, 2009
I still don't think it's a good idea... >.>;
Jzbelle - June 16, 2009
I think the five days was gracious, considering the eggs had been out for TWO YEARS. Omni were released in July of 2007, Kioka in April of 2007. With the release of colors, self-centered Ranchers who just HAD to have a Black or Albino CS Creatu flooded the market with "throwaway" Omni and Kioka. Prices on Kioka and Omni were as low as 100K for Omni, 500K-1 mil for Kioka. Where were all the buyers then? People were foresting nattie Omni and Kioka. So some players can't afford to get a Kioka THIS WEEK. Now you have a goal. Work for it, JUST like older members did when Jaaku and Ebilia were 10 mil each and higher. I still applaud this decision, although it's a wonder Pat wants to do *anything* new with all of the (what do you guys call it?) B@RKing going on.
Gunmetal - June 16, 2009
If it were me, I wouldn't have announced they were retiring at all - five days is excessive if you ask me. First thing ranchers have ever had that is retired, great idea.
Patrick - June 16, 2009
You guys must realize that by giving more than 5 days to purchase these eggs would have defeated the purpose of retiring them?
Pearlie140 - June 16, 2009
Forever? Ouch.
Soreyal - June 16, 2009
First retiring the morphing potions without a warning, sure, it helped us ranchers a bit, but I certainly didn't see a huge difference in pet prices as suggested from this event. Second retiring the omni and kioka eggs forever? That is something new but, 5 days in total to get 20 million is pretty much impossible (exspecially new players who just started), and for most of us who have to send the money in,it takes way more, over that time period. Maybe extend that? I don't know, but retiring forever will just bring extinction in the end. Maybe have them be released, once a year, for only a day, it could be a chance thing so whether you have the tu or credits to buy it or not, it's luck. At LEAST people have a chance of getting it, instead of knowing there is no chance at all. Lastly, at least give us a good reason for this, yes they may not be as rare as back when rescreatu started, and I suppose there is a need for new credit shop pets now that this is v2 but, I think a lot of us are satisfied with the pets that are already here. Why use the time to create new pets, when there are so many old ways that could be revamped for a new look, even if it's for the credit shop.
Lathrine - June 15, 2009
This is a bad idea, methinks. :| The idea of retiring them.... meh. I don't like it, but I'd live with it if we had more time. Friday? In FOUR DAYS? That's just ridiculous. It's not enough time for us without pay pal to get a money order in, and it's not enough time for those who have to save the cold, hard tu to buy the credits with to obtain them. Retiring them if you feel you absolutely have to, fine. Giving us four days until they're gone? Not a smart move. And I agree with Eeno 100%.
Juke - June 15, 2009
Okay, why the heck Pat? PLEASE FOR GOD'S SAKES NO! I mean, sure I have both, but I WANT A STINKIN LIYURE FIRST! Of course, I am curious as to what the new pets are.
Dragongod101 - June 15, 2009
pinkmoon - June 15, 2009
yea i dnt like the idea i like the idea of new pets but taking them away ...FOREVER not a good idea me dnt like
leedee - June 15, 2009
bad idea
Maybell - June 15, 2009
So not cool, Patrick. I completely agree with eeno. This is a bad move.
Mushrooms - June 15, 2009
This is good but bad. Good because well, old goes and new comes. I would love to see new pets. Bad because before the hack I had an omni, but I havn't gotten another since. So i'm omniless :P
zebez - June 15, 2009
Cory - June 15, 2009
lol what does being female have to do with loving animals exactly?XD
Roxxyz - June 15, 2009
***Other than the Liyure because it's not going anywhere. I still love it, not to discourage anyone***
Roxxyz - June 15, 2009
What? No offence, but the pets in the "other" category (other than the Liyure) are the only reason I play on here. They're adorable, and are a goal I want to get to. I wanted all of the colours, and do you know how long it takes to get money? (wait, of course you do. Silly me, xD) But still, forever? How will I EVER get my Omni or Kioka? All of them in the rancher shops will be sold out and then... Then what? That's not very fair... I really don't like to complain, and I don't post much on problems, but THIS is something I really hate. Yes, call me obsessed with animals, but I AM female, and some of us are!
warchalkers - June 15, 2009
Thats only 4 days! it takes a week for me to GET credits. This is so totally uncool! We should have gotten some Warning so we have time to get credits and buy the eggs!
Rudami - June 15, 2009
wow permanently...rough
whatever6551 - June 15, 2009
That sucks. D: Now I'll never get an omni or kioka!!!
Windy - June 15, 2009
Retiring pets is not a bad idea. New CS pets is interesting. But 5-day deadline? Not cool. Would it possible to get more time?
Muirgen - June 15, 2009
Why? I was never able to get my own eggs. D: I had to my Omni and Kioka from people. Personally I think some creatu need revamping first before more creatu are released. :/
Bonus - June 15, 2009
The last thing we need right now is more creatu. -n- And now I can never hatch my own Kioka.
Sequence - June 15, 2009
I find dissatisfaction in this, but what can I do?
ribunny123 - June 15, 2009
stupid mom wont give meh cridits D'; i will never own a Kioka or Omni D:
rayrenee - June 15, 2009
Omniscia - June 15, 2009
O_O PERMANENTLY?! …I certainly wasn't expecting that. Well, at least I already have one of each.
Rodendi - June 15, 2009
5 days is not nearly enough time for many people to scrape together adequate funding to purchase these eggs.
Flammable - June 15, 2009
Methinks Patrick could use some cash
Haku - June 15, 2009
Don't retire the omni! i like the omni. It was the first CS shop creatu that I ever got! The kioka being gone I can live with, though. But not the omni!
HappyBunny - June 15, 2009
Why remove them permanently? This is not going to be getting em a black omni anytime soon. Eeno is right about being obsessed with driving up pet prices. I don't like this idea much but I suppose ranting about it isn't changing things. I suppose this is what has been decided, so there's nothing to be done. I can no longer get credits since my dad cancelled his pay pal account. Unless I raise 20mill in five days, which Jude has mentioned is difficult and I agree, I'm not going to be able to get any of these eggs. Like the others I would like to know why they are being retired? I realy don't think new pets are nessesary, there's already so many great pets to collect. Though I can see why new pets would be brought in since v2 is now here. Well I suppose it would be nice to have new credit shop pets, yet I still don't see the point in having Omni and Kioka retired. At least keep the Omni, please?
Fizzeh - June 15, 2009
Oh goodness. It's a good job I bought my black kioka when I did.
Jude - June 15, 2009
I don't think I could raise 20mil in five days if my life depended on it, lol.
Breeze - June 15, 2009
Oh come on, Patrick. Please don't retire the Omni. Why? They're about the only reason I play on here...
eenobegeeto - June 15, 2009
New creatu or not retiring a pet is riddiculous. You people seem to be obsessed with the idea of driving up creatu prices...why not just make them more limited instead of taking them away completely? Because people will lose accounts, omni will die and disappear, old users will leave and they'll be like the planet scythes...too rare to dream about. Ranchers will no longer part with them. All you'll wind up doing is feeding greed and envy and making a lot of bad blood.
Wolfeira - June 15, 2009
Mixed feelings about this. Firstly, it'll be an interesting change without the Kioka and Omni about. But on second thought, I think we should've had a little longer after the first warning. Five days doesn't seem... enough? Anyway I'm looking forward to the new Creatu. Hopefully they'll be as big a hit as the Omni and Kioka.
gothicshadow13 - June 15, 2009
yay! Now My omni and Kioka will be worth a lot more! XD Shoulda waited to sell my kioka eggs though....
1ran - June 15, 2009
At least tell us WHY the eggs will be retired permanently! I also agree with sjr1946 and DragonWolve. It took me at least half a month to get three Kioka eggs. >:( I call mutiny!
McFlan - June 15, 2009
Argh, I don't like the idea of permanently retired pets, but I'll just hope that Liyures will stay in a little longer. I also hope I can convince my parents to let me buy 320 credits. x:
WolfyChick - June 15, 2009
Please don't take Liyures out of shop permanently... PLEASE!
Undertaker - June 15, 2009
Yes, oh no.
Dustfeather - June 15, 2009
Yay. :D
DragonWolve - June 15, 2009
I agree with sjr1946. A littel more time to get them like two weeks or so.
Jzbelle - June 15, 2009
These eggs have been around for well over a year. In fact, the Kioka came out just days after I joined (in April 2007). Nothing was ever said about them being permanent. There's been plenty of time to acquire the Creatu or the eggs. It's about time they retired and new CS Creatu were introduced. Well-done Pat and Staff! Changes like this might bring older members back; I know they've sure revived my interest in the site. :]
Seffora - June 15, 2009
Patrick retiring the eggs is ok, but you should have given plays a little more time than just five days. It takes me almost six days to get my credits when I send for some so if I would wanted to buy some there is no way to get the credit in time. You should have given us two weeks. Other than that can't wait until new creatu come out.
AriaKaye1 - June 15, 2009
gemms - June 15, 2009
piemaster - June 15, 2009
Only thing I hate more than retired items? Retired pets. ...D'arghh...
Phos - June 15, 2009
woah! that makes me feel good cus i already have both creatu! :3 i look forward to the new ones!
Starseed - June 15, 2009
Thanks for the wait on the liyure eggs Pat :)
BritneySpearsFan - June 15, 2009
then how are you supposed to get them if u don't have credits or enough money for an egg? take them temporarily sure but permanently? WAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SarahFox - June 15, 2009
Meanie :( XD just kidding but why? I have always wanted an Omni egg...
alip1112 - June 15, 2009
Why can't u just take them out for a year then bring them back in
Starseed - June 15, 2009
I would like to know why that is as well. And may you be able to keep them in shops for quite a while at least before they're retired? So that people will be able to buy more?
ShadowPokemon - June 15, 2009
Woah! I'm gonna have to try and get one before Friday! D:
Tails3028 - June 15, 2009
D: Oh no.
Outsane - June 15, 2009
Lol. Awesome stuff. ;p
Kobra - June 15, 2009
Why? I never got 1!
Riyo - June 15, 2009
Er... Liyures only got one rotation in the credit shop... at least give them another one besides this one... :/
cheng - June 15, 2009
Oh no. :c