June 9, 2009 - Skaldyr Revamp

We've taken a little bit of a different approach on the Skaldyr this time around. Thank xeeroh for this beautiful revamp! This pet is now available in all natural and dye kit colors.

We've also fixed the glitch with the double purchasing in user shops.

Comments: 89

pika - July 5, 2009
2rusty7 - June 19, 2009
The old one wasn't great. The colors work together magnificently on this but I must say it looks a little too...er...shrimpish
kitayama - June 18, 2009
it has so much more detail than the others. i sorta liked the old one and this looks like a shrimp/lobster, though i think my friend will luv it cause she's crazy about shrimp and seafood.
cheng - June 18, 2009
I love eat. XD
Moe - June 17, 2009
Lauren is a sore loser. *cough* I love the new skaldyr. I liked the old too but it didn't seem to go as well with the other creatu.
Juke - June 16, 2009
I liked the little old lizard thing, but the lion face somehow makes it cuter... Much better than some of your older work Xee. No offenese intended. c: I hope the Chimby turn out just as cute~
AphroditeAngel - June 16, 2009
Honestly, it looks like a lobster.
ThunderClan - June 15, 2009
Looks like a shrimp.:o
McFlan - June 14, 2009
I absolutely love this change, and I have started to hoard Skaldyr eggs now. x] They've jumped from one of my least favorite to most favorite pets in just a second, heh. The older one was a bit outdated and the colors were kind of an eyesore...
Phos - June 14, 2009
lime and megenta looks greeeeat on it :3
Mindii - June 13, 2009
:D Pretty Shrip. xDDD Love eet. ;]
psychosilver288 - June 13, 2009
It's awesome! I'm collecting them! I call the skaldyr "underwater battle bugs"! X3
shaeley - June 13, 2009
wow! the artwork is just wonderful! i just agree that it was a very drastic change and should almost have a diffrent name. i'll miss the old one but i like this better. it just needs time for people to get used to it. and once again great artwork!
XxXSugarXxX - June 13, 2009
it looks like a lil shrimp (in a good way)
AlibastaR - June 13, 2009
traitor is right Lauren! that is your opinion keep it to yourself! Xeeroh must have worked dreadfully hard for such detail so if you don't like it that's fine but its great art and personally I think its the best on Res!
Traitor - June 13, 2009
Lauren; stop being so rude. If you don't like the way the new one looks, just say it in a less-rude manner, you don't have to make unnecessary comments about it being the ugliest Creatu ever. As for the renewed Skaldyr: I think it's adorable. :) Beautiful art as always, Xeeroh.
paigecam - June 12, 2009
I liked the old one better. Though this is...okay. :/
Lauren10 - June 12, 2009
*Kills the new skadylr*Old skadlyr I will miss you ToT.
Lauren10 - June 12, 2009
*Kills double post*
Lauren10 - June 12, 2009
This is the most UGLY creatu I have seen.They look like giant ugly mutant lobster/Shrimps!Skadylr's are excuse me Used to be cute sea monsters,These are just big fat ugly ..Things!They are sooo ugly I would not even call them creatu!All I'm saying is they are the sickning cancer that will kill rescreatu.xeeroh you could do MUCH better than this.
Lauren10 - June 12, 2009
This is the most UGLY creatu I have seen.They look like giant ugly mutant lobster/Shrimps!Skadylr's are excuse me Used to be cute sea monsters,These are just big fat ugly ..Things!They are sooo ugly I would not even call them creatu!All I'm saying is they are the sickning cancer that will kill rescreatu.xeeroh you could do MUCH better than this.
mayonaka - June 12, 2009
the newer one looks cooler and this one is only ok/ugly
Dragonstar - June 12, 2009
It looks like a very colour shrimp, but very awesome!
Kohawko - June 12, 2009
I love this one I think it has the best colors
Constellations - June 12, 2009
I love the ginger skaldyr!Well done xeeroh :3
Dairu - June 11, 2009
Interesting xD i like it ^.~
April - June 11, 2009
I'm still experiencing double purchasing.
Noelle - June 11, 2009
Oh wow I love it! O.O Even the naturals. Actually, they are my favorite because they are the most colorful < 3 Im making a whole collection! 8D I have to say, this is definitely the pet that appeals to me the most. Great job, xee! 83
Sandshrew - June 10, 2009
While the art's beautiful and the colors are fantastic, this... is not a Skaldyr anymore. I also feel that this should've been made its own species. I don't dislike it, but, well, I loved the concept of the old Skaldyr and I'll miss it. Ah well, though. *shrugs* I just hope that when the Zaphao is revamped, there won't be so drastic a change...
BritneySpearsFan - June 10, 2009
I never liked Skaldyrs... this one is weird. No offence
Dragongod101 - June 10, 2009
Shrimp? I thought Skaldyr was a sea monster thing. Still looks amazing tho. =D
eenobegeeto - June 10, 2009
Ah yes, the anatomy here is excellent. I like it...but I personally think the change is too drastic and this should have been a whole new species.
banzvelez - June 10, 2009
hey makes no sense its says in creatu list that skaldyr has shell
nutik - June 10, 2009
The artwork is great and I really like the revamp. However, like Omniscia said, this does seem like a completely different pet. I'm probably going to miss the old Skaldyr, as well.
claoufaeng - June 10, 2009
Not fond of cray fish and lobsters. Don't like it, though the artwork is good
Kitteness - June 10, 2009
That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. Albino looks so much like a prawn. WANT.
Wolfeira - June 10, 2009
Wow - shrimp-dogs! Great work, Xee - they're absolutely beautiful. <3 <3
Rbbutterfly - June 10, 2009
Absolutely beautifully done. Great work, xeeroh.
grank - June 10, 2009
much thanks to xeeroh :D
Rika - June 10, 2009
....Wow. .3.
layamaria - June 10, 2009
Homai, tis a giant lobster. *goes to hatch giant lobsters, er, skaldyr* Thanks, you gaiz.
nighting - June 10, 2009
just one word: WOW!
Nessi - June 10, 2009
Oh my gosh. This thing makes me hungry. Love it. 8O
Trance - June 10, 2009
ARGH SHRIMP! Actually, I'm a prawn. ARGH PRAWN! Totally awesome!
YoureAnnoyingMe - June 10, 2009
kittikattaa - June 10, 2009
Thanks for fixing teh glitch. I was wondering why I had multiple items and all of my money kept disappearing. o-o'
LadyTsunade - June 10, 2009
Ooooooh! 83 Lobster Shrimp! XD
TailsFan1 - June 10, 2009
They look, like shrimp. BTW, please don't change the Drinian! The teenage Drin look cooooooool! ;0
chichi19 - June 10, 2009
shrimp. ;O it's freaking me out. still, it's good. ^_^ revamp the drindian next.
Starseed - June 10, 2009
The Skaldyr looks really cool now. :) Good work.
Raru - June 10, 2009
I love you, Xeeeeeroh o____O Love you like Gun loves cats and coffee.
Outsane - June 10, 2009
LOL. *needs to F5 this thing* It totally looks the same as before, but omg. Xee is amazing. ;D
zebez - June 10, 2009
Ahhh! I love its feet!
Divalicious - June 10, 2009
It is cute but it totally is NOT the skaldyr and i preffered them how they used to be this is more like a new pet than a revampe.
Phos - June 9, 2009
oh! so is a skaldyr! it looks sooo much better now! :O
1ran - June 9, 2009
...Wow. Xee, you sure went all out on the Skaldyr revamp. It's awesome and shrimp-like! I'll miss the old baby Skaldyr...
Omniscia - June 9, 2009
Sorry about the double post. I just thought of something else. It seems like a different pet to me. Seriously. I feel like it should have it's own name, it's own description, it's own set of stats... While keeping the old thing with a big shell on its back. It's just not a Skaldyr. Well, at least the Skaldyr wasn't one of my more favorites, anyway. Still, I'm probably going to spend a bit of time coming up with my own name for this (something other than 'Rydlaks,' probably).
Roxas - June 9, 2009
Love the dog shrimp, Xee. THANKS <3
Omniscia - June 9, 2009
…This is gonna take some getting used to.
StarZ - June 9, 2009
tigerlily26 - June 9, 2009
i like this one better. gives me to think about it as an ancient shrimp. in colors. ::thumbsup::
Yoshi - June 9, 2009
Holy cheese. o: That's darn EPIC. Very nice, Xee.
leedee - June 9, 2009
wowwwww looks like a shrimp
wolfrainwolf - June 9, 2009
wow! :o pretty colors!
Riyo - June 9, 2009
Unexpected but super awesome. xD I love it 100%. -Goes to check colors-
Haku - June 9, 2009
Good job Xee. It looks amazing.
r1a2c3120 - June 9, 2009
It's nice, thanks Xee!
lauz - June 9, 2009
anatomy is great, and i think xeeroh is a great artist. but no guys, just no. i miss the vibrant colors and the whimsical nature of the old skaldyr. sorry to say, but i really hate this.
Dea - June 9, 2009
yay! that looks amazing!
Hallow - June 9, 2009
So much cuter! =3
AriaKaye1 - June 9, 2009
Amazing, I have yet another favorite!
Fox - June 9, 2009
Lovely work! Much better than the old Skaldyr.
Lyrical - June 9, 2009
That's really gorgeous, for a lobster-thing. o_o Nice work Xee.
Dustfeather - June 9, 2009
SWEETNESS! It totally fits my Skaldyr 'Shrimpy' Now. ;D -claps for Xee-
SeaDragon - June 9, 2009
It looks like a LobsterDragonShrimp!(Well only the adult looks like a dragon) But good job, xee!
HarryPotter13 - June 9, 2009
OMG it looks SCARY!!!!! good Job!!!! Does it come in differnt colors or only NATURAL? nevernmind dye kit only *sighs*
Sequence - June 9, 2009
I was not expecting that. Now I'm hungry for shellfish.
Staryulynn - June 9, 2009
Nicee but lobster/krill/shrimp? the new is nice and so was the old good job Xee
YummiLand - June 9, 2009
The baby is totally cute!! Kudos to xeeroh!
Krillacreat - June 9, 2009
I thought that it was a new Creatu that'd have been based off of shrimp/krill!
Samolas - June 9, 2009
Wow,I really like this change...nice job.
XAllurcore - June 9, 2009
Oh my they are adorable! =]
whatever6551 - June 9, 2009
When do Drindians get revamped?
Sally - June 9, 2009
Sweet, good job Xeeroh. :D
whatever6551 - June 9, 2009
Does it come in colors now?! :D
dreamersfantasy - June 9, 2009
I didn't like the old one- but I really like this one !
Shinigami - June 9, 2009
Skaldyr's a lobster now? ._____.'
yokokuramafox - June 9, 2009
wow awsome job xeeroh
Fenikkusu - June 9, 2009
Woah, that's such a change o-o Love the creatu concept, but I really loved the old one too. x)