April 27, 2009 - Premium Packs

We've finally released the March Premium Pack (very late, I know). April will be up very shortly as well.


The March Premium package includes a new trophy and the following items: Fish Offering, Kings Cake, Kiss Me I am Irish Pin, Lucky Horsehoe, Goiba Leprechan Squishy, Dagger of Betrayal, Daffodils, Pot of Gold, March Madness Basketball, A Slice of Pi.



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cramer - May 9, 2009
Smiley09 - May 5, 2009
HarryPotter13 - May 3, 2009
TheDarkMuffin - April 30, 2009
looks excellent, but i would just like to point out that for those of you who don't know: the king cake goes for mrdi gras, which this year was in February. no offense to anyone, just sayin that cause i'm from south louisiana where we celebrate it.
Neiru - April 27, 2009
Wah! The basketball...must...have...x___x
Jess - April 27, 2009
;-; The King Cakes looks good...I want some ;-; lol xD But awesome stuff ;3
Cory - April 27, 2009
Outsane - April 27, 2009
You get a Premium Package by paying money at the Credit Shop. They cost 200 credits ($20 American) each. Thanks Pat.
SeaDragon - April 27, 2009
How do you get premium packages?
1ran - April 27, 2009
Kewl. *looks at fish* <3
whatever6551 - April 27, 2009
White - April 27, 2009
Awesome. c: I really need that book.