April 12, 2009 - Orchid Dye Kits

Cain has recently gotten his hands on a shipment of Orchid Dye Kits. 




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Mysticalwolf - May 15, 2010
I love how it looks on Gondras!
Smiley09 - April 17, 2009
love it(: sounds like a great idea<3
Angie2we - April 14, 2009
I have 2 dye kits. {; Will use on 2 zennies. ILOVE ZENNIES. ^__^
mitzi111 - April 14, 2009
SacredJewel - April 13, 2009
Luv the gondra.
ShadowPokemon - April 12, 2009
Lol that is so funny! Last night I was thinking "Well, Res has just about every colour in the rainbow except for violet. They oughta make a violet Dye Kit or something. Then I saw this this morning and I lol'd! XD Way to go Res!
Riyo - April 12, 2009
I love that meragon. x3
Omniscia - April 12, 2009
Ooh! That's pretty! I especially like the Gondra. (:
Fenikkusu - April 12, 2009
That's amazing o-o;; Since purple is my favorite color, it's a no-brainer that I'd love this. I just wish the Magenta Kits would work on Zenirix. =/
Roxas - April 12, 2009
Awesome pie o_o
Raru - April 12, 2009
Ahaha, Ping's going to writhe when she sees no dye for ebilias xD Awesome colour, me thinks I'd aim for all the zennies now x3
AllyCat - April 12, 2009
-agrees with Zebez- I love the new meragon and berrok, but I agree - more /natural/ colors would be nice instead of extremely expensive ones that I can't afford. can't be spending hours on Res making enough tu for these dye kits. xD
Dea - April 12, 2009
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new meragon and myotis!!!!!! must have!
Tasmia - April 12, 2009
Omg, awesome! :333 Gonig to earn Tu to buy Orchid Dye Kit on a Gondra och Zenirix ^o^ LOVE IT
zebez - April 12, 2009
Sorry, what I meant by natural is the colors that you can hatch as opposed to the dyes. I think they should focus more on revamps and coloring the other creatu that don't have dye colors yet. I definately don't want to see creatu having altered appearances like christmas or water or anything like that. It just doesn't seem to fit res to me. The colors here are more natural looking(sort of) and I kind of like that.
shadowcat3296 - April 12, 2009
O___________________O Orchid Meragon = jasqfhLOVE <33
pulsedrive - April 12, 2009
yay for purple-ness! may I suggest an orange one be next...? =3 I need that Myotis :'D
Bonus - April 12, 2009
Myotis + Meragon = Like. OwO'
Pumpkin00 - April 12, 2009
http://images.rescreatu.com/pets/2/orchid/adult.gif I what.
Geonightrose - April 12, 2009
I'd still like to see marking dyes for creatu, not just colors, especially if they can be added over a particular color. However, more colors are good. The more diversity, the better. And you must admit, we certainly have enough natural creatu. Name one special for the dye, and all you need to do then is save.
whatever6551 - April 12, 2009
*has to have a orchid gondra*
psychosilver288 - April 12, 2009
Beautiful! But try other creatu. Maybe the creatu that don't have any colors besides natural, such as the Malal or Goiba?
Soulyter - April 12, 2009
We've got a few basic colors. I think this is good. No more, please. We're happy.
zebez - April 12, 2009
You can afford them (in fact about two months of playing quests everyday can get you one) but they are very drianing and it means your not spending your money anywhere else generally. That however is not really the problem I have with them. I just think that there should be less dye colors than natural colors.
Geonightrose - April 12, 2009
Never enough dye kits. More, more more! You could afford them if you really wanted to buy one and did the quests regularly after all.
Delphiniumxoxo - April 12, 2009
They're nice,but I agree with zebez,there are enough dye kits,and hardly anyone can afford them.
luv2eatTacos - April 12, 2009
Absolutely gorgeous.
1ran - April 12, 2009
Fyrse- the 'tiger looking thing' is the Berrok, if that's what you mean. I heart the Meragon and Myotis!
Sequence - April 12, 2009
It looks like the black, but with 40% more purple for some of them. I still like it.
zebez - April 12, 2009
I like it but I think we have enough dye kits now.
Geonightrose - April 12, 2009
omg, beautiful! ::runs to black market::
Fox - April 12, 2009
wow orchid pets are beautiful now i want an orchid dye kit
octavia22 - April 12, 2009
me want i have no tu though
Fyrse - April 12, 2009
whats the tiger looking thing??
FlyingTiger - April 12, 2009
*Attempts to steal Meragon* Gorgeous!
Dragonstar - April 12, 2009
The new dye looks great!
Dappleshadow - April 12, 2009
LOVE the meragon. and the zennie looks swee-ee-eet. XD
Kayoss - April 12, 2009
How lovely. x3
Stranger - April 12, 2009