November 20, 2021 - New Cooking Ingredients
Cooking Supplies
Louie and Melba have some new kitchen essentials permanently stocking in Cooking Supplies

Cream, Whipped Cream and Vanilla Beans are now available for purchase. 

It seems that these ingredients should be useful for something, 
but it's not quite clear yet what that might be. 
Perhaps you should start stocking up just in case?

For a short time, Daily Rewards will be offering a select few food items instead of the usual array. 
Surely these will come in handy? Best hang onto them for now!

Comments: 3

Geonightrose - November 22, 2021
Very nice, except that Toy and Weapon quests both ask for items that rarely stock one at a time... frequently. Specifically, Danae in the Formal Blue Dress and the Winged Dagger. I had about 7 Danae's in my inventory. They are gone before I hit tier 36, and he is asking for another. This is one reason why random is horribly bad.
ParisFurbaby - November 20, 2021
Sounds like a lot of fun!
Spooky - November 20, 2021
:o Mmm whipped cream