November 19, 2021 - Birthday party is coming to a close...

The party is winding down...

Thank you for joining us to celebrate our 16th birthday!

It seems that most of the scattered cupcakes have been found now, and Marcus' stock of Party Hats is running low.

At reset tonight, the Party Hats will stop stocking and the Birthday Cupcakes will no longer be available in Explore. Today is also the last day to obtain the birthday Forum Avatar and to purchase Mythical Eggs at their special sale price! 

Be sure to make the most of these offers while they're still available!

Don't let the post-party blues get you down too much though, as some of these treats are sure to make a return for future birthday celebrations.


It seems the winds are changing and autumn leaves are falling to the ground all across the planets of Rescreatu. It's time to start wrapping up warm!

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FluzzMe - November 19, 2021
This was the first time in literally a decade of playing this game I was able to buy a mythical bundle. It has been one of those goals I didn't think was really reasonable--but you guys have done such a good job making CP accessible to those of us who can't spend real money :) love to see it folks
emokisa1248 - November 19, 2021
I only started finding cupcakes in explore yesterday, I'm kinda upsetti spaghetti it took that long for them to start showing up.
Janjanie - November 19, 2021
I'm really glad you guys said "don't let the post party blues get you down too much because these treats are sure to return for future birthday celebrations" because I haven't been on rescreatu in a while so I missed the whole thing. Looking forward to it next year though!