October 13, 2021 - New Staff Apples!
New apples have arrived to show thanks to these users for their time on staff! Can you find what branches they're on?

If you were previously on staff and qualified for an apple but did not receive one, please submit a support ticket. If you are unsure, feel free to still send in a support ticket!

*Special thanks to KiraraNeko for donating her time to make these beautiful apples

Comments: 12

Geonightrose - October 14, 2021
Thank you Kirara! These are very beautiful! Must go hunting for them all!
SongbirdX - October 14, 2021
Neat apples!
Serenova - October 14, 2021
Not me looking at two apples in particular-
Evelyan - October 14, 2021
Beautiful, love them.
Schemes - October 14, 2021
These are amazing!
ShadoQueen - October 13, 2021
These are awesome! Great job and how wonderful for the staffers!
Halloween - October 13, 2021
Wow, the detail. Nice job.
Xichen - October 13, 2021
I LOVE these!! I think Tea's is my favourite ;v;
SecretsOfTheShadows - October 13, 2021
Mel - October 13, 2021
I love the bee one and what looks like Twilight Sparkles' cutie mark
ParisFurbaby - October 13, 2021
Each apple well made great job I will enjoy the collection❀
astrosaur - October 13, 2021
I was just at the apple tree and was wondering when new apples were added XD I love them all! (and all the staff )