October 4, 2021 - Circus is Open!

Well, it's been a bit longer than perhaps we would have potentially planned for, but the show must go on--and it's going on as we speak! Thanks to all your wonderful work, the circus is open! Please step right up with your tickets ready--we've got folks performing round the clock for your entertainment, so you don't have to worry about not being on time! And if you weren't able to get a ticket pro bono, we'll be selling circus tickets for carnival tickets in the prize hub!

Your Scrapbook will be accessable after the Carnival ends!

Live Concert Ticket Stub Stunt Show Ticket Stub Magic Show Ticket Stub Acrobat Show Ticket Stub

The Carnival Games section will close on Wednesday, October 6 at  11:59:59 PM RST. Please ensure that you play the games as much as you'd like until then!

Comments: 11

emokisa1248 - October 9, 2021
Is the Carnival going to be a yearly event? If so, will my Carnival tickets transfer between years? When exactly will the Carnival be ending? Will the rides be open this year?
Albion - October 5, 2021
Thanks yet again crowflux, there was ambiguity this morning on SB.
EmpressRising - October 5, 2021
So I completed the quests but never got any tickets. I'm not sure what I did wrong but I doubt I can see all the shows before the games end tomorrow. :(
crowflux - October 5, 2021
@Albion: It will be your own personal scrapbook that only you can see. <3
Albion - October 5, 2021
" Your Scrapbook will be accessable after the Carnival ends! " ... by whom the Creatu owner or everyone ? I did one and if I stop now will that end the scrapbook being made visible ?
Geonightrose - October 4, 2021
This is pretty awesome. Perhaps a way to display these on our profiles? Great concept, and I love the background art.
Kush - October 4, 2021
Thank you but no thank you. 😩
Tamabits - October 4, 2021
Halloween - October 4, 2021
Love the gondra.. flame throwing show. Too bad these things are no animated, in some way.
Noir - October 4, 2021
Kinda disappointed?…I thought it’d be something more than that, with all the hype and…stuff. It was kinda cool, I liked the idea, I never heard of tickets being earned via games. That’s a new one for me!. So I kinda learned something new. Still got some hope/hype for the rides…I hope their awesome =3
Stargazer - October 4, 2021
Ah this is....interesting. I expected a bit more then just "Your pet seen the show" It would have been cool if the photo you get taken with your pet actually goes to 'effects' and you could apply it to the pet you take through to see the show as a cool "Effect" for your pet to have but a scrapbook is a...interesting concept as "Achievements" for those that enjoy it :D