October 2, 2021 - OAK Creatu are back!!

The time has finally come: OAK Creatu Custom Effects are here!!

Custom Effects are a One-of-A-Kind effect that you can apply to your Creatu which no other player will have. Any Creatu species in any color can receive an OAK Effect.

We are introducing a new art approval process to obtain an OAK Creatu through user-submitted content. 

To begin the process you must buy a slot in the queue. To get your own Custom Effect, you must find your own artist, on or off site, and commission them to create a Custom Effect using the Rescreatu Art Style. You and your commissioned artist will work with qualified site artists to guide you through the art approval process, from sketch to finished art graphic.

(Site artists may offer commissions if they wish, but site artists will not be responsible for making your OAK Creatu as they had done in the past.)

Currently there are 10 slots total in the queue, but this is subject to change as we figure things out. At the moment Crowflux is the only site artist qualified to approve new OAK Creatu art. So we appreciate your patience as we figure out this new system. 

(Additionally, staff members will be temporarily unable to buy any queue slots to allow users to take full advantage of this launch.)

You can find all the information you need on the Queue page
There is also a detailed FAQ page, and Rescreatu Art Style Guide.

At the time of posting this update, the Queue will not be open yet to give everyone time to prepare. For this launch, the 10 slot queue will open in two parts to give people in different time zones the best chance possible to get a slot:

First 5 queue slots will open October 4th 2021 @ 12AM (Midnight, RST)
Last 5 queue slots will open October 4th 2021 @ 12PM (Noon, RST)

(RST - Rescreatu Site Time)

We're looking forward to helping create beautiful OAK Creatu with you! ♥

Comments: 20

crowflux - October 3, 2021
@horselife321: Yes, you are absolutely allowed to do your own art. If you create art and would like to make it yourself, you do not have to commission another artist. <3 @Noir: Yes, you can do your own art. The whole point of our new system is to allow user-created OAK Creatu art. The only criteria is that the art must pass an art approval process with staff, so that we can ensure it fits the Rescreatu Art Style. :3
Noir - October 3, 2021
So we can’t do our own?…pity. My friend does beautiful art
horselife321 - October 3, 2021
Are we able to do our own art or does it have to be a commissioned artist?
Trenthepunkid - October 3, 2021
This is much better than the old OAK system! So exciting!
catsmeow22 - October 3, 2021
I’ve literally been waiting for this since I was a kid joining here.
Otachie - October 3, 2021
I'm so happy
Zydrate - October 3, 2021
omg I'm so excited!!! I can finally try to get Phantom OAKed once I get the money :D
Albion - October 3, 2021
Thanks Crowflux, sounds interesting for the artists concerned.
Zimber - October 3, 2021
Halloween - October 2, 2021
Sweet! If only I had 100 bucks, I'd get one for a gondra.
crowflux - October 2, 2021
@Albion: This will not delay outstanding creatu from getting their shrine effects. Our goal is to make this process easy on the demands of the site artists so things like that don't happen. :)
Albion - October 2, 2021
Very nice. but will this delay the outstanding creatu receiving shrine effects ?
Mahogany - October 2, 2021
Oh gosh, I'm so excited!
Xichen - October 2, 2021
So glad these are back!! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with ovo
Spooky - October 2, 2021
AAAhH I need one ;-;
XerxesTexasToast - October 2, 2021
Omni - October 2, 2021
I cannot express the excitement!
KiRAWRa - October 2, 2021
hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Kalati - October 2, 2021
I haven't brushed up my shading yet!!! :'D But this is exciting!!!
Shark - October 2, 2021