September 28, 2021 - In Loving Memory
We would like to take a moment to fondly remember AriaKaye1, a user who left us all far too soon. 
Most knew her as lighthearted, approachable and friendly. She was a member of our community since 2008.

AriaKaye1 Memorial Squishy

Here are some of the things that other players had to say about her : 

"..Aria was always like a rainbow whenever she was in the SB.
She was humble, sweet, always made us laugh, she was very generous and would offer to help everyone with anything whenever she could. 
I have never seen her being anything but nice to all of the people she interacted with.
I think Aria was like the SB's nice aunt or grandma that always had a good word for you. She is/will be missed deeply by everyone that has interacted with her at least once..."

"..About Aria, I remember she was always nice..
Last year in April when I hatched all my Jahra eggs for derp days and got natties she sent me a black Jahra for free.
She didn't have to do it at all, but I appreciate it and I am still keeping it in my showroom. Its one of my very special pets ❤️.."

"..Aria was always patient and kind. She had her quirks which made her fun to talk to! As long as she could help you she would. I'll really miss her.."

The AriaKaye1 Memorial Squishy can be found in the squishy shop.

Comments: 32

crowflux - October 2, 2021
Rest in peace, Aria. We all miss you dearly. Your kindness and love lives on <3
Unicorn - October 1, 2021
What!!! No!!! My heart ❤ aria will always and forever be a huge part of this game.... the first to always welcome new members ...
graydaffodil - October 1, 2021
First, thank you Res staff for creating a memorial item for Aria, a person who has been on the site for quite sometime and had a big presence here. Second, I also did not know Aria that much, but we joined the same year and have been on Res since 2008. I have interacted with her frequently on the SB and occasionally through messages. She was always kind, which is a trait that is underrated. I wish the best for her friends and family, and my heart goes out to them during a difficult time.
Star - September 30, 2021
I had several conversations with her over the year, she was such a sweet person. She will be greatly missed.
o_O - September 29, 2021
I will never forget your quirky sense of humor. Thanks for the lightness you brought to the shout box and community, it was always more fun when we weren't taking ourselves too seriously. <3
Outsane - September 29, 2021
Oh my heart. What a perfect and wonderful tribute to one of this site's most outstanding members. Aria was a source of joy to many, and the fact that she always kept in touch with me throughout everything and encouraged me during the time my mother was struggling meant the world to me. I always had a fond place in my heart for her. She loved her children and family so, so much, and it was always evident in all her Facebook posts. I'll always remember her spiciness lol. Thank you for doing this. It's such a beautiful tribute. I'm actually in tears now. She would love this. <3
Toast - September 29, 2021
I tagged her namesake pet onto a bino ebbie. It's back on her account now and her memory will live on. I'll miss you my friend~
EmpressRising - September 29, 2021
While I never had the pleasure of meeting Aria personally, she sounded outstanding. May she rest peacefully.
Geonightrose - September 29, 2021
I will miss you Aria. You were one of those folks who loved Res-Books as much as I did, and you helped me get a few I couldn't grab. You were always nice, sweet, and we had some great conversations. It is good to see your presence in Rescreatu will not be forgotten.
Jess - September 29, 2021
Aria was someone who was always very kind to me, whenever we were in the SB together. And I always enjoyed seeing her around the site. I'm sorry to her family for this loss. Thought go out to everyone of them, and to her. Thank you for always being so nice and wonderful, Aria. You will for sure be missed. Rest peacefully. <3
Autumn - September 29, 2021
This was really sweet of yall to put in; I too kinda seen her as the 'sb aunt' n all of my interactions with her were really sweet n pleasant, I hope she rests peacefully
Autumn - September 29, 2021
ParisFurbaby - September 29, 2021
Aria I don't remember You but You indeed sound like a very wonderful person to be around and My heart goes out to Your family and and friends. Forever Aria Rest in Peace.
Llama - September 29, 2021
Rest in peace Aria. You will be missed by many on Res :(
SongbirdX - September 29, 2021
Oh...I don't think I've directly spoken with Aria, but she seemed so nice from her interactions with other users in the shoutbox. Condolences to her friends and family, and may she be forever remembered.
Death - September 29, 2021
Rest in peace Aria. Res is such a tight knit community that it was comforting seeing familiar usernames pop up in the s.b for many years. It was a joy seeing you in the sb on and off. Rest well,you will be remembered.
Fennimage666 - September 29, 2021
Rest in peace, Aria. I don't think we ever talked directly, but what you've done for this community is immeasurable. Thank you.
Eiji - September 29, 2021
We will always remember you, and we will always miss you. Your time here will be with us forever. Rest in peace, Aria.
San - September 28, 2021
Aria and I were never the closest of friends, but she was still a great friend to me, and everyone. It breaks my heart to see her go, but she’s resting happily now. She may be gone physically, but her memory lives on as a happy one, whole and pure. Rest In Peace, Aria. <3
purplehen427 - September 28, 2021
We all love you so much <3 You will be forever remembered and missed because we all miss you so much <3
Zimber - September 28, 2021
Rest in peace Aria. :( You will forever be remembered.
Halloween - September 28, 2021
Aww, this is so sweet. I bet Ari would be.. so tickled.
SecretsOfTheShadows - September 28, 2021
Rest in peace Aria. You will be missed greatly.
Otachie - September 28, 2021
I just don't know what to say. I'm kinda speechless, but I can say I will miss you. I will miss seeing you in the shout box when logging in, seeing you and the others have fun there. I hope you have found peace and you're doing well now. I miss you.
Anakin - September 28, 2021
rest in peace aria <3
GG - September 28, 2021
Thank you, for being the wonderful person you were and sharing yourself with us all here on Res. You had the best humor and always knew how to be inclusive to everyone with your talks. Sending healing vibes to your family. May your spirit rest and be at peace.
Xichen - September 28, 2021
We weren't very close, but you were always a ray of sunshine while online. You were so sweet and generous; once, I asked if a name you had was for sale, and you just gave it away to me for free! I will never forget that, how kind you were. I hope you've found the peace you deserve. You'll always be remembered here. 💖
Elohim - September 28, 2021
Rest in peace Aria, every time I got on Res you made me feel welcome and safe! We will miss you ❤️
Rumor - September 28, 2021
Rest In Peace Aria, res will forever be impacted by you 💙 sending love and condolences to your loved ones on and off site.
Vol - September 28, 2021
Res in Peace Aria <3 may we never forget her kindness
Angelo - September 28, 2021
this is so sweet. May she find peace <3
Schemes - September 28, 2021
Never forgotten 🧡 Thank you for always being kind to me and a mother figure on Res. You live on in me. LOVE YOU FOREVER ARIA!!!!!!