September 9, 2021 - Creatu Circus

Well, here's the problem. I was hoping to have the circus up and running by now, but ever since setting up shop, each of my acts has been getting maligned with misfortunes, each more inconvenient than the last! The trapeze rope is frayed, the magician's rabbits have mange, and that's just the start!

You've all been a great help to me and mine so far. Think I could trouble you to help out a bit more? Obviously this would be no volunteer work--I'll make sure personally you're provided a reward for rendered services--but we can't start the show without the stars, now, can we?

Help Juniper 20 times with a show, and you'll get a ticket stub. Stubs are required for future admission to the Circus. Remember... performers from all shows need your help. It may take you a few days to earn each of the ticket stubs.
Live Concert Ticket Stub Stunt Show Ticket Stub Magic Show Ticket Stub Acrobat Show Ticket Stub

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emokisa1248 - September 11, 2021
It keeps wanting a camo bandaid from me, which is too rare for me to find even when they don't want it and I'm not paying 20,000,000 tu in a merchant shop for it.
Trenthepunkid - September 10, 2021
I left out that it wasn't letting me turn in the item even though I had it. I believe it is fixed now!
Trenthepunkid - September 10, 2021
Why does mine say this? I haven't turned anything in yet. "I can't let you take on too many tasks for me. You've already done 1 jobs for me today, and I only let folks take on 25 jobs per day for me as a rule."
Albion - September 10, 2021
Thanks Juke, very helpful. I had such simillar items it felt like one type of stubb quest on the first day.
Geonightrose - September 10, 2021
Interesting. More quests. :D
Juke - September 10, 2021
@Albion and anyone else confused; you have to complete 20 quests for each show (each show isn't evident aside from context clues in the description) and then you get the ticket stub. So out of 25 quests you might get 6 for acrobats, 10 for magic, etc etc. So you very likely won't hit all 20 needed for a stub in one go, which is why the update says it'll take a few days LOL
Albion - September 10, 2021
You've already done 25 jobs for me today ~ No Stub ??
Albion - September 10, 2021
I agree with Kitten. If I can only do 15 in one day where is the accumulation showing or do I have to keep private record or is it wiped / start again next day. I keep reptitively hitting Camouflage Bandaid which is not available enough to find within the time I can play here if I have to keep waiting 30 mins inbetween hand ins.
Kitten3 - September 9, 2021
How do you know what award you got/how much you have accumulated?
San - September 9, 2021
You don’t get reward every time; it accumulates over time. Just would liked to add!
Spooky - September 9, 2021