September 5, 2021 - Vendors Open!

Good evenin', one and all! 'Tis your favorite host, back once again with yet another wonderful announcement that'll no doubt bring smiles to your faces. After much anticipation from the carnival's many patrons, our vendors are finally ready to open up shop with all your favorite treats and snacks. Whether it's funnel cake, slushies, caramel apples or cotton candy, there's a sweet treat to satisfy your hunger or quench your thirst! If it's not food or drink you're after, though, not to worry - we've also opened up a balloon stand for you to get yourself a floatin' souvenir or two!

Liyure Egg Balloon Natural Otachie Balloon Creatu Natural Cyancu Balloon Creatu Natural Zenirix Balloon CreatuZaphao Egg Balloon

Of course, one can expect demand for all of these things to be rather high... in fact, when visitin' our vendors, you may find that one of them is in need of your help fetchin' ingredients while they meet the needs of the masses. They can't be in two places at once, after all. That's where you come in! In helpin' a vendor that asks your help, they'll reward you for your work with some of the treats they've made that you would normally be able to purchase from them. I surmise that only one vendor per day will ask for your help, while you will simply be able to purchase the other vendors' goods as normal. There's no tellin' which vendor will require your assistance each day, so it's best you check in with all of them to see who's in need of a second pair of hands!

Iubui Cotton Candy Cherry Slushie Sugar Coated Funnel Cake Green Rainbow Caramel Apple

That's it from me, now! I do hope you'll all continue to enjoy yourselves as much as you have done these past few days. This is far from the last you'll be hearin' from me, mark my words - there'll be plenty more fun and adventure to be had, I promise you all that!



11 new creatu carnival collections have been added for your enjoyment. 

Comments: 9

Albion - September 13, 2021
Given up with funnel cakes quests as I have waited one and h alf hours today over 3 caramel sauces not being in the shop. Like camo bandaid its too obcure.
Chemchem - September 13, 2021
I really love the event and the idea, but I am getting thoroughly annoyed with the mechanics. It has been over a week and every day I get either the Slushies or the Funnel Cakes. Only once I had the Caramel Apples, but that's it - only once. I would really love to collect the Balloons, Cotton Candy and the other Apples as well instead of this massive load of Slushies and Cakes... is this supposed to happen or am I just having a big case of bad luck? Also it would be nice if you could go back to the store after finishing the quests instead of the store being unavailable for the rest of the day :)
Xichen - September 9, 2021
The balloons are so CUTE
livanabloom - September 9, 2021
Stargazer - September 5, 2021
I love it it keeps getting better and better c:
panther546 - September 5, 2021
Absolutely loving this event! Thank you rescreatu team!
Geonightrose - September 5, 2021
ParisFurbaby - September 5, 2021
Oh wow sounds so perfect!
Spooky - September 5, 2021