July 7, 2021 - Daily Rewards Raffle!
Daily Rewards Raffle!

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Looking to get your hands on the rare Mahina Creatu?

We now have a new, permanent feature - the Daily Rewards Raffle, where there will be one lucky winner of a Mahina Creatu Egg every single day!


How do you get tickets, you might ask? Just complete your Daily Rewards tasks!

Every day, if you complete Tier 2, you gain 1 Raffle Ticket with your free food items.

If you complete Tier 3, you get 2 Raffle Tickets with your extra hatch.

Lastly, if you complete Tier 4, you'll receive 3 Raffle Tickets with your daily item prize!

This means each user can get a up to 6 Daily Rewards Raffle Tickets every day!

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Comments: 18

EmpressRising - July 8, 2021
I'M SCREAMING, thank you for this opportunity! I'm so glad to see you're making this so accessible. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, YOU CAN DO IT!
XerxesTexasToast - July 8, 2021
YESSSSS, exactly what I wanted to see! Makes these cute lil guys way more accessible. I'll be shooting for the lowest tier on the reg now!
Thaliel - July 7, 2021
daw, I never can complete more than tier 1, I just don't have the time
Albion - July 7, 2021
One of the nicest ideas I have seen on rescreatu. Fan of Hawk Moths here.
Honeypie - July 7, 2021
yes!!!! best idea you've had since the release of these lovelies. More, more, more!
Geonightrose - July 7, 2021
Do the last two days count? Lol
Shark - July 7, 2021
Xichen - July 7, 2021
ParisFurbaby - July 7, 2021
Eiji - July 7, 2021
Oh heck yeah
Schemes - July 7, 2021
Let's get it!!!!!
Otachie - July 7, 2021
Time to shrine! 😁
Zailynn - July 7, 2021
kaymeg - July 7, 2021
Bitzski - July 7, 2021
AMAZING its time for the grinddd
SecretsOfTheShadows - July 7, 2021
Thank you so much for this!
Spooky - July 7, 2021
Butter - July 7, 2021
ayy Such a great thing to say, amazing job :D can't wait to win some :D