July 2, 2021 - Happy Wyrae Day!
Happy Wyrae Day!

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In celebration of Wyrae Day, check our new Wyrae Colors and Effects!

snow babysnow adolescentsnow adult


snow adultsnow adultsnow adult

Snow Effects!

rosegold babyrosegold adolescentrosegold adult

Rose Gold!

rosegold adultrosegold adultrosegold adult

Rose Gold Effects!

gold babygold adolescentgold adult


gold adultgold adultgold adult

Gold Effects!

blackgold babyblackgold adolescentblackgold adult

Black Gold!

blackgold adultblackgold adultblackgold adult

Black Gold Effects!

uldavian babyuldavian adolescentuldavian adult


uldavian adultuldavian adultuldavian adult

Uldavian Effects!

rainbow adultrainbow adultrainbow adult

Rainbow Effects!




And lastly, all of these colors are now available in the Derp Effect!

Random Update Contest!

Mystery EggMystery EggMystery Egg

Comment your favorite new Wyrae color, and 20 lucky users will win a new and exclusive Contest/Prize item, to be revealed upon the announcement of the winners!
Comments must be submitted by Sunday, 07/04/21, at 11:59:59 pm RST to qualify for this contest. Please only comment once per user. Good luck!

Comments: 166

Dan - July 5, 2021
Submissions closed here.
Geonightrose - July 4, 2021
Uldavian is the best looking, though they all look great.
Kalati - July 4, 2021
I thought I commented on this already hehe. I like the gold and silver! Its super shiny :D would make a nice alchemy themed wyrae o3o
Snow - July 4, 2021
Ryu there is a chance of morphing a wyrae when using a Random Morphing Potion! And the dye kits are available in Ty's NPC Shop! P.s. I guess I'm obligated to say that my fav new colour is snow <3
srsmith - July 4, 2021
Melted crayon color, AKA Rainbow *0*
Ryu28000 - July 4, 2021
Cool, don't know where to get one of those critters but I think the Snow and the Rainbow ones are really neat.
Kelpie - July 4, 2021
I really love the rose gold! Especially in the undead effect =3
ZiggyStardust - July 4, 2021
Love the rose gold wyrae they look like solid metal but jello at the same time. vibes.
Crow - July 4, 2021
I like the Uldavian color :D
Redrock - July 3, 2021
I love the rainbow Wyrae.
Cougar - July 3, 2021
Gotta be honest, loving the Black Gold and the Uldavian. Absolutely love and respect to the artists for all of these new colours and the absurd amount of work that has gone into adding them into the game! <3
Mendini - July 3, 2021
The rainbow Wyrae is my favorite. Love the coloring.
Merlin - July 3, 2021
Girl that Uldavian Wyrae??? MWAH MWAH MWAH especially in the Undead effect???????? *Chef Kiss* VERY GOOD.
Fuzzball_NZ - July 3, 2021
My favorite Color is Uldavian!
Neon-sparks - July 3, 2021
my favorite color is black gold!
livanabloom - July 3, 2021
I love the rainbow one!
Serenova - July 3, 2021
I absolutely love the rose gold wyrae!! :oo
Redwolfvirus1 - July 3, 2021
Black and Gold is just amazing <3
ShadowxxMistress - July 3, 2021
Hands down the Black Gold coloration is my favorite
chiming - July 3, 2021
Rose Gold is very classy for Wyrae. I love it💗
Buzzard - July 3, 2021
love black and gold star dust-soo shiny✨
nykur - July 3, 2021
Uldavian looks pretty fancy =)
TheBernMan - July 3, 2021
I am in Love with my Rainbow Wyrae. Beautiful Coloring!
Carmagnole - July 2, 2021
Black gold!
Shallow - July 2, 2021
Black and gold!!
Athena - July 2, 2021
Ikioi - July 2, 2021
Wyrae were one of the first designs to ever attract me to this site-- I even had an alt on Furcadia named 'Wyrae' where I roleplayed as one because I adored them so much! Of course this was like, over a decade ago omg. My favorite of the new colors, though-- it's so hard to choose! Probably the Undead Rose Gold; it's.. something about it-- it's just so shiny and fleshy and melty-fetusy..! It's so morbid (yet tasty-looking?) and you can really see the spine through the tail, the skull, and other details so much easier than some of the other variants.
FluzzMe - July 2, 2021
The Uldavian really knocked it out of the park. I'm in love with them all tho omg
Fission - July 2, 2021
Black and gold!
thehippi - July 2, 2021
Black and gold
emokisa1248 - July 2, 2021
I'm a fan of the black-gold one
Shark - July 2, 2021
can ALL OF THEM be an answer? If I had to pick, probably snow because I’m a sucker for that color combo. It’s so pretty
Unicorn - July 2, 2021
I love love love the snow color!!!!!!!!!
Persephone - July 2, 2021
My faveorite new color would have to be Uldavian, i feel like it fits the Wyrae look so well!
Hallows - July 2, 2021
OMG YAY! My favorite is the undead Uldavian! Those derps are so amusing too.
Rosette - July 2, 2021
My favourite is Black Gold 😍
ChinchillaMistress - July 2, 2021
Rose gold <3
Symbiote - July 2, 2021
Black gold is my favorite!
Lark120 - July 2, 2021
black gold is the one i'm loving
Rin - July 2, 2021
Gotta say im a sucker for that rose gold
Todoroki - July 2, 2021
I'm loving the black gold effects 😍
Sliced - July 2, 2021
I am really loving the Uldavian wyrae ! It just suits them so perfectly ! Makes them look like a fantastic acid puddle !
rita - July 2, 2021
Love the adult Gold Effect's
Trenthepunkid - July 2, 2021
Black Gold is so gorgeous!
Alcarie - July 2, 2021
Their all lovely! But I have to say the Black and Gold is my favorite. Though the Rose Gold comes close!
purplehen427 - July 2, 2021
my favorite wyrae color is uldavian because it has a good ambiance with the wyrae itself
Spooky - July 2, 2021
My favorite Wyrae color has to be Snow! <3
Fernweh - July 2, 2021
My fav new color is rose gold, for sure!
Antiarctic - July 2, 2021
I'd have to say that the black gold Wyrae is my favourite new colour, but the rainbow undead Wyrae is my absolute favourite effect!
Mageic - July 2, 2021
Undead Uldavian Wyrae is my absolute favorite! I'm going to put it on my goals list. I have to have one!!
Glennda - July 2, 2021
Love the Uldavian Wyrae color so much!!
Koora - July 2, 2021
Black gold!!
Vol - July 2, 2021
Black Gold is amazing!!
moonsilver445 - July 2, 2021
I'd have to say black and gold fits it the best as a species
Acari - July 2, 2021
I absolutely love the purple eyes on the black and gold. I think it works so well! Black and gold is definitely my overall favorite, but the rainbow derp baby amuses me also.
Maowji - July 2, 2021
Rainbow Derp
Rainy - July 2, 2021
Ghosteez - July 2, 2021
The black gold is done very nicelyy
SabrinaBelle1 - July 2, 2021
The black gold is stunning. I know what I’m working towards next.
Autumn - July 2, 2021
AAAAAAAA WYRAE DAY!!!! i cant believe yall are gonna make me choose a favorite I love them all :( I think my fav has to be the rosegold though!
JadeTheWolf - July 2, 2021
Uldavian just because i think it just fits them so well. especially the green with the goo
Ruse79 - July 2, 2021
Man I think the black gold takes the cake here. With the effects too it just looks amazing
Samwise - July 2, 2021
Rainbow is my favorite especially the Cosmic Rainbow
Ceiyru - July 2, 2021
They are all very pretty but I really love the new black gold look for the Wyrae.
Outsane - July 2, 2021
I LOVE the Snow effect because it looks even more like a little blob of Mercury. <3
Toxoplasma - July 2, 2021
I LOVE rose gold on the wyrae! Though GaS is also stunning!
Zombone - July 2, 2021
That snow color is so good. Absolute favorite! 100/100
bunnies - July 2, 2021
Black Gold is my favorite new color for Wyrae!
Death - July 2, 2021
GOLD and so so pretty. It just looks like a pile of shiny melted butter
SongbirdX - July 2, 2021
Snow is my favorite :)
Mahogany - July 2, 2021
Uldavian for sure, the colours look so cool together!
Aizui - July 2, 2021
Rosegold for sure. Such a unique color!
jenny17 - July 2, 2021
My favorite color is the Snow colored Wyrae. <3
EmpressRising - July 2, 2021
YEE, THANKS FOR THE UPDATES! I love the black and gold colors so much.
Pegasus - July 2, 2021
It's soo hard to pick one!! but I think the black gold looks extra amazing!
dograt - July 2, 2021
Rose Gold fo sho
Absol - July 2, 2021
Rose gold
Kikenie - July 2, 2021
Hmmm, it's a toss-up between the Black Gold and Rainbow for me. I think Black Gold might be #1 though, followed very closely by Rainbow. :)
Schley - July 2, 2021
Snow is so pretty <3 I want.
Haku - July 2, 2021
Of these new ones, black and gold! But if all time, probably Amber (:
wolfspirit25 - July 2, 2021
My favorite new color is definitely the Uldavian. It's a little intense on the color scheme for most pets but it seems right for the Wyrae because the pet itself is kind of toxic, haha. The striking contrast just works in that case (as do the poison colors of purple/green).
chear11 - July 2, 2021
Black gold and snow! Wow! I hope two favourites don’t disqualify me haha.
Xichen - July 2, 2021
BRUUUH THESE ARE INCREDIBLE! I love all of the new colours, but I think my favourite is snow!
Sae - July 2, 2021
Really digging Rose Gold and Black Gold, honestly.
Star - July 2, 2021
Black Gold is just so stunning!
Zen - July 2, 2021
Uldavian makes me weak ToT
XenoReno - July 2, 2021
I'mma have to say snow...it's pretty-
Takara - July 2, 2021
Black and Gold
Mangadreamer - July 2, 2021
I love the black gold!
Otachie - July 2, 2021
The black and gold Wyrae look amazing!
Kush - July 2, 2021
Black Gold Wyrae ♥️
Moss - July 2, 2021
my favourite colour has to be the Uldavian Wyrae now I love it so much it's so cool
Omni - July 2, 2021
Black gold is my favorite :D
Zydrate - July 2, 2021
oooh I think my new favorite is the black gold. I might dye Ichor that color. :o
Honeypie - July 2, 2021
I love them all! but if I have to pick one it would be gold. 2nd choice would be snow. 3rd rosegold. Now if only I could figure out how to pronounce their name...
Feather - July 2, 2021
the millennial in me has to go with rose gold
Steampunk - July 2, 2021
Loving the black gold wyrae! Nice job!
Neiflheim - July 2, 2021
Snow is just such a cool colour palette and it looks like the adolescent is playing in actual snow instead of ichor!
Snakefly - July 2, 2021
I love the black gold Wyrae! That colouration is to die for!
OkitoFox - July 2, 2021
The Snow has become one of my new favs! <3
Tiberius - July 2, 2021
I adore the gold one. :O
Tory - July 2, 2021
All the new colors are great. But my favourite is the black gold. ;)
Shiroiokami - July 2, 2021
Snow and black gold are awesome! It is quite pretty color and is like just nice color
Llama - July 2, 2021
I think the uldavian colouring is great for such a gooey creatu xD
Kozmotis - July 2, 2021
It's a really close call for me but I'd have to say Black and Gold is my new favorite!
Inari - July 2, 2021
I have to tie between uldavian teen and undead gold..both are just a whole new level of creepy awesomeness *o*
Titanium - July 2, 2021
Uldavian for me! They all look amazing though
Kirby - July 2, 2021
I love all of the new colors, Gold is my favorite I think!
Veram - July 2, 2021
Rose gold ftw omg<3
Kippy - July 2, 2021
Black gold was absolutely made for wyrae :'3 Shoutsout to the team for all their hard work with these new colors too!!
kaymeg - July 2, 2021
Loving the uldavian!
Schemes - July 2, 2021
My fav is black gold!!!!
Gryh - July 2, 2021
Gotta say my favorite's snow, esp how it looks with the puddling, but black gold also looks really good!
XerxesTexasToast - July 2, 2021
Black gold is by FAR my favorite amongst the new colors of Wyrae!
Rika - July 2, 2021
black and gold is absolutely my favorite new wyrae color omg
Tea - July 2, 2021
Black and Gold undead....but holy moly, all of them are stunning!! Fantastic job :D x
Evelyan - July 2, 2021
I like the Snow Wyrae.
ParisFurbaby - July 2, 2021
Love them all but I do love the Snow:D
mattietastic6711 - July 2, 2021
Rainbow Wyrae is *chefs kiss* my favorite new Wyrae color!
Bitzski - July 2, 2021
oOVanillaOo - July 2, 2021
love the Snow one! I´m a winter type of girl ~
KiraraNeko - July 2, 2021
my fave is Snow, I just really like snow
prianamagix - July 2, 2021
The rose gold is my fave new wyrae colour!
Moltres - July 2, 2021
My favourite is the rose gold wyrae colour, soft noodle *v*
Meikane - July 2, 2021
The Gold one, shiny Wyrae. Althought all colours are superb for this Creatu, the Gold has it all. *O*
Zuzu - July 2, 2021
The shininess of the gold parts on the black gold, making it look like gold leaf *chefs kiss*
gemmalambe - July 2, 2021
Loving the rose gold 🥰
Zailynn - July 2, 2021
Rose gold rocks!!
Dragonstar - July 2, 2021
Black Gold Wyrae is gorgeous! <3
tututu - July 2, 2021
Rainbow derp Wyrae :D
Chemchem - July 2, 2021
I am in love with the Rainbow effects, but if it's really about a color then Snow makes me very happy. Love the shade of blue :)
iooni - July 2, 2021
Black and Gold is m absolute fav (all the others are great as well)
Rumor - July 2, 2021
Black gold is just 😍🥰😍🥰😍
RainofStars - July 2, 2021
The Gold undead wyrae is really cool :)
virtualcatboy - July 2, 2021
I really enjoy the striking color combinations of the snow variant!! the icy blue combined with the black is really pretty!!
Billbee - July 2, 2021
I love them all but the Black Gold is my number one choice. I also like all the effects. They all look fantastic!
Halloween - July 2, 2021
Love the black and gold, mostly.. because it reminds me of Tar, and out of the goopy tar is a gem of gold.. like having a gem come out as a wyrae.
magregor18 - July 2, 2021
The snow wyrae is pretty great but nothing beats out the rainbow effects for me. So flashy and bright. The stardust looks like fish scale/koi pattern, the cosmic is beautiful as always, and the undead is everything I didn’t know I needed from the little rainbow snek. The poor little derp squiggles…
Leoo - July 2, 2021
The black gold is gorgeous *-* definitely my favorite! Already been morphing a rainbow pet trying to get wyrae but the new effects are extra motivation!
topazz - July 2, 2021
While they all look fantastic, I think that the black gold variant is the best. It's very sleek and looks fantastic with the Wyrae's snake like form. I will say, however, that the snow colors look amazing as well.
Tamabits - July 2, 2021
I think this fella looks best in its "black and gold". or maybe Uldavin? either way, a nice and welcome update :D
JetBlackSteel - July 2, 2021
Wyrae look good on so many different colors but I'm really digging the Rose Gold and Snow. I love the black and white with the blue but that undead Rose Gold looks so fleshy its awesome.
Mel - July 2, 2021
I love the snow one a lot! Black gold is also cool
vallygirl4344 - July 2, 2021
i love the rainbow !!
XAllurcore - July 2, 2021
Rose Gold! Love them all though! :o
Moth - July 2, 2021
a hard choice for sure but I think snow is my fav!!
Heaven - July 2, 2021
Black and gold
Anakin - July 2, 2021
ZarmaCyndal - July 2, 2021
My favorite new wyrae is the uldavian, love the pattern and way the colors go together.
SecretsOfTheShadows - July 2, 2021
I love the snow the best!
Jess - July 2, 2021
Thank you for the chance! I think strangely enough, even though Snow is my aesthetic, my favorite Rose Gold! I think it's just so very pretty and well done. :D
Canetoadance - July 2, 2021
Snow is my favorite because they look like melty lil puddle babbos <3 Happy Wyrae Day!
Eiji - July 2, 2021
These are all amazing but I gotta go with Rose Gold, it reminds me of some ancient temple god and I love it
Stargazer - July 2, 2021
This is hard question most of these colors look amazing, But I'd have to say snow is my favorite c:
YumeKibo - July 2, 2021
My fave NEW Wyrae color is definitely snow. *o*
Juke - July 2, 2021
im biased please dont make me choose between my children (black gold)
Virulent - July 2, 2021
They all look so good! The uldavian is my favorite <3
Honeybee - July 2, 2021
i'm gay so legally i'm required to say rose gold but also rose gold is absolutely my new favorite. juke, you did AMAZING on these and i'm so proud of you!!
Boonys - July 2, 2021
Definitely the rainbow puddle xD
Silverstream94 - July 2, 2021
My favorite is the uldavian, but they all look so good!!
Rhian - July 2, 2021
I was hyped for Snow Wyrae because I have a perfect name for it but I think Blackgold is my favorite. It's just so elegant.
Fennimage666 - July 2, 2021
The black and gold one of for sure the coolest ^^
Elohim - July 2, 2021
PLEASE the black and gold looks so good
Lilith - July 2, 2021
omg!! Gold and Snow are a tie for my favorite. All of them are absolutely stunning though!!
GG - July 2, 2021
I love the snow wyrae color!
Ghoul - July 2, 2021
rosegold wyrae my beloved