June 1, 2021 - Creatu Name Clearings
Banned/Inactive Account Pet Clearings


To clear up server space and give users an opportunity to gain otherwise unobtainable names, we will be clearing the pets of certain banned and inactive users.

Most of the banned and inactive accounts have had their pets moved to a different account, found in the showroom of the account NameClearings, which the site will automatically clear a random amount of pets from at random intervals. Clearings will happen at a minimum of once per day and will have a minimum of 100 pets included. These clearings will begin at an earliest of Saturday, June 5th, at 00:00:01 RST. More pets may be added throughout the course of the clearings, until the above account is empty.

Currently, there are over 34,500 Creatu to be cleared, and that amount will rise as we add in more accounts.

If you have any accounts that you wish to be included on this list, please rmail Dan.
To qualify for clearing, an account must have been inactive for at least 7 years or have been banned for at least 6 months.
This means an account must have been inactive since at least 06/01/2014 or banned since at least 12/1/2020.


Q: Is my account at risk?
A: If you're reading this, your account isn't at risk unless you don't log in again until 2028. In that case, ensure you log in again by 2027.

Q: Will the pets be sent to the forest?
A: All pets will be deleted, no exceptions.

Q: When will xyz pet be cleared?
A: The pets will be cleared at random, not by species, color, alphabetical order, etc. It is automated, and we cannot tell you when it will happen as we don't know.

Q: Will xyz banned/inactive account be cleared?
A: Please rmail Dan before the clearing begins for a case by case answer on if an account is eligible to be added to the list. Please note the rules above on if an account qualifies.

Q: Will there be another clearing any time soon?
A: There will not be another clearing during 2021. The next clearing would likely not occur until sometime in 2023, should there be another.

Please direct all other questions to Dan.

Comments: 16

burlesque - June 13, 2021
I'm sure this is totally weird, but please delete this account, it's an accidental side I made back when I forgot I already had an account here. 👍 I feel bad for it taking up space on the site for no good reason!
Range - June 12, 2021
All those prehistoric creatu T_T What a tremendous loss. In regards to members who have passed away, will their pets and accounts be preserved in memoriam? I would hate to see their accounts cleared :(
Mel - June 6, 2021
Wolf's suggestion would be perfect
Jzbelle - June 6, 2021
^^ thirding (?) Wolfspi's suggestions ^^
wolfspirit25 - June 5, 2021
Another bonus: There won't be tons of accounts never getting cleared because they have no names no one wants, so the secondary point of "freeing up server space" would be handled much better with a sc
Koopa - June 4, 2021
Seconding wolfspirit's suggestion ^^
sonyadarlene - June 4, 2021
A real shame about the pets,but lets gooo.
wolfspirit25 - June 4, 2021
I will continue to suggest a sc
ript that just does this automatically for any account that hits the mark at any point in time, that way there won't be a mad scramble and people won't be losing sleep, plus new people actually have a chance at getting names that clear up instead of them all being snatched by users now. It'd spread everything out a lot (except for the first run of course, that'd be a mass-clearing of inactive things still). No human involvement needed, no randomized times, no stress, just consistent, at reset checks of all accounts and if one is inactive for X time it's cleared of all pets.
bunnies - June 3, 2021
Shame the pets are getting deleted too. There are lots of nice ones. I understand though. =) IDK If I'll be able to snag any nice names. lol I'm quite slow and also I will probably forget.
Juke - June 2, 2021
CRIES i have so many pets listed and i know I'm gonna get like, none of them lmao
Moth - June 2, 2021
Elohim - June 2, 2021
ive been wAiting for this one...turn it uppp
SpookyTheZombieKat - June 1, 2021
Lilith - June 1, 2021
Shark - June 1, 2021
KiraraNeko - June 1, 2021