February 21, 2021 - Rainbow Shrine Creatu!
Ty's Dyes

Hey everyone, Ty here! I've been hard at work lately - and I've got some lovely new Rainbow Dye Kit Creatu to show off!

Ty's Dyes

The other Shrine Creatu were feeling left out since only the Feiron received Rainbow yesterday, so I decided to work on the rest!

First off, the Viarindi:

rainbow adultrainbow adolescentrainbow baby

Next up, whale of course, it's none other than the Cetari!

rainbow adultrainbow adolescentrainbow baby

And finally, we have the lovely Guilbyss!

rainbow adultrainbow adolescentrainbow baby

That's all for now, but tomorrow I bet I'll have another one ready to reveal!

Comments: 7

Mahogany - February 21, 2021
Oh my I need that Viarindi
Xichen - February 21, 2021
Schemes - February 21, 2021
Eeeel boisssssss
Rumor - February 21, 2021
omnoms - February 21, 2021
ohhh gosh this batch is so good * v *
Buzzard - February 21, 2021
probably just selling out also i think it restokes every 15 mins
XerxesTexasToast - February 21, 2021
Anyone else not seeing Ty's Dyes stocking? Or is he just selling out that fast