January 6, 2021 - Changelog
Below is a list of recent updates that have been made on Rescreatu which may have been unannounced or gone unnoticed.

- Added leaderboards to Mineral Miner / Sand Collecting / Bird Catching / Cloud Skimmer.
- Updated UI in Food Pen to match that of Inventory.
- Updated UI on Activities page; additional organization of activities and addition of new links.
- Made optimization on Edit Stock page in Rancher Shops which should result in significant decrease in page load time.
- Added a popover when clicking on items. Popover provides a mechanism to quickly see properties such as rarity, type, effect, collections, merchant shops and more. Popover is currently available in NPC Shops and Quick Stock and some quests (i.e. Squishy Quest).
- "Quick Empty" option in Explore now ignores locked items.
- In Explore the state of filters are saved for your next visit.
- Egg rarities have been rebalanced in Explore.
- A "Token Exchange" was added to Reiflem Bank, allowing for bulk exchange of Barter Tokens.

We hope you enjoy these updates!

Comments: 13

Juniper - January 7, 2021
ooo very nice!
Trenthepunkid - January 7, 2021
amazing!! thank you! also I love having a change log <3
Flygon - January 7, 2021
Woo! the token exchange made it in!
Tamabits - January 7, 2021
egg rarity rebalance? Id love to know the exact stats on that.
Albion - January 7, 2021
Very helpful, thank you.
Vagabond - January 6, 2021
This is fantastic!! Thank you for this bulk update. Big thumbs up
Honeypie - January 6, 2021
this is great. Thank you so much, Patrick and crew how do these things.
Patrick - January 6, 2021
typo :)
Jzbelle - January 6, 2021
I hope that didn't imply that I don't love the updates. They're awesome! I was just confused by the "increased load time" thing, then tickled by it. XD
Jzbelle - January 6, 2021
..."Made optimization on Edit Stock page in Rancher Shops which should result in significant increase in page load time." Is that something that we want? :D
Juke - January 6, 2021
I love these QOL and UI updates!
Outsane - January 6, 2021
SecretsOfTheShadows - January 6, 2021
Nice! Thank you staff.