January 6, 2021 - Blizzard Update!

With the blizzard still going strong, most of the shopkeepers have ran out of unfrozen stock to sell!

After much debate amongst each other earlier today, the shopkeepers without any remaining stock have all decided to sell their frozen items.

Get some while you can, because once the blizzard is gone, these 29 new items will be too!

Comments: 5

Juniper - January 6, 2021
xD love the frozen cheese. it just tickles my funny bone for no reason
Rumor - January 6, 2021
Love these new items 😍
Otachie - January 6, 2021
Wait. Aren't they 28 frozen items?
Shark - January 6, 2021
Such amazing art :) Res artists rock!
TheBernMan - January 6, 2021
Love the Frozen Foods... way too cool!