November 20, 2020 - Iubui!
Introducing the Iubui!

The Iubui is a brand new Mythical Creatu!

black babyblack adolescentblack adult

albino babyalbino adolescentalbino adult

achromatic babyachromatic adolescentachromatic adult

trance babytrance adolescenttrance adult

azure babylemon adolescentindigo adult

rose babylime adolescentmagenta adult

orchid babyamber adolescentgold adult

Iubui Creatu Eggs and Iubui Egg Nests are now available year-round as a permanent addition to the Cash Shop!

To celebrate the release of the Iubui, for the rest of November, ALL Creatu now have DOUBLE the chance of hatching in Albino - this includes the new Iubui, along with all other Planet, Uldavi, and Cash Shop Creatu - such as Kioka, Liyure, and Omni! Remember, Achromatic still has DOUBLE the chance of hatching as well during November!

Have you seen these new Planet Essences around while Exploring, or in Kir's Shop? They might be useful in the very near future!

Comments: 11

Noir - November 22, 2020
Dunno how I feel...every stage has four legs but the adult o.o. Or so it seems?...
SpookyTheZombieKat - November 22, 2020
XerxesTexasToast - November 21, 2020
cerpin - November 21, 2020
i agree with Xichen, that rules! and i love the design of these guys, super cute!
bunnies - November 21, 2020
oh my glob it is so adorable! I need some!
Halloween - November 21, 2020
Aww, maybe I'll ask secret santa for an egg... cash shop is going to make alot of money this year. They are cute, i think the egg is awsome looking.
Xichen - November 20, 2020
That magenta lubui said "trans rights" and he's absolutely correct
Unicorn - November 20, 2020
Beagle pandaaaa
Storm - November 20, 2020
Ahh so cute
Mahogany - November 20, 2020
TheBernMan - November 20, 2020
Way toooo cute! Love it!