November 19, 2020 - New Squishy, New Skins!
Squishy Shop


The Squishy Shop has somehow gotten in a supply of one of the Mysterious Squishies that Malcolm had! Needing a better name for it, Debbie has decided on calling it an 'Iubui' Squishy! These are now permanently stocking as a Legendary item.


Comet Fragments are being found all over Rescreatu! Previously, all of them were thought to be collected from the surface of the planets. However, something seems to be drawing them out to the surface! With the Comet likely years away from another pass by, I wonder what could be causing this? They might be useful soon, so I would hang onto any you may find!


Keeping with the Comet theme, both Kir and K1R807 are now selling a very limited supply of Uldavian Stardust Skins!


Also keeping with the Comet theme, the Cash Shop is now selling a very limited supply of Stardust Skins in the purple Cash Shop Stardust theme for 50 CP each!

Both Stardust Skins will only be available until Monday, November 30th, at 11:59:59pm RST!
The Iubui Squishy is a permanent addition to the Squishy Shop.

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TheBernMan - November 19, 2020
Very Cool Stuff! Love the Fragments!