November 18, 2020 - Achromatic Mythicals, Cash Shop Sale!
Achromatic Mythical Creatu!
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It seems that Malcolm was onto something with his Achromatic Mythical Squishies! There have been sightings of Achromatic Kioka, Liyure, and Omni around the planets of Rescreatu!

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Kioka, Liyure, and Omni can now be hatched in Achromatic!
These are our original Cash Shop Creatu and have not received a new hatch color since release - as a part of our 15th Birthday Celebration, they have finally received a much-needed update!

For the rest of November, ALL Creatu now have DOUBLE the chance of hatching in Achromatic - this includes Kioka, Liyure, and Omni!
Cash Shop Sale!


All of the Mythical Creatu Eggs and the Mythical Egg Bundle are now on sale for a discounted rate!

These will be on sale until Monday, November 30th, at 11:59:59pm RST; at which point they will return to regular price.

Random Update Contest!


Comment your favorite Achromatic Mythical Creatu below and one lucky winner will get a Mythical Creatu Egg of their choice! Entries will close on November 24th at 11:59:59pm. Please, only one comment per user!

Comments: 142

Pegasus - November 23, 2020
My favourite is the kioka! Especially the cosmic!
Roslyn - November 22, 2020
they're all astonishingly beautiful, but the liyure is my favorite! so gorgeous
Mendini - November 22, 2020
I like the Kioka the best
Carmagnole - November 21, 2020
Definitely the kioka!
Ghoul - November 21, 2020
i ADORE the omni, the lack of runes make it stand out so well! its really gorgeous and well done, the shading looks a lot more metallic on them
Feather - November 21, 2020
kioka alwaysss
Bones - November 21, 2020
Favorite is definitely the Liyure, but all three look great!
iloveauntsav - November 20, 2020
my favorite achromatic creatu is kioka for sure it looks like a cute deer
Wolves_Byte23 - November 20, 2020
Ugh... How can you ask me to choose? I guess Kioka is my favorite, but I love them all.
TheBernMan - November 20, 2020
Omni for sure...
VickyM - November 20, 2020
the way stardust in achromatic makes Kioka eyes star filled pools of light has to be my favourite
Kitty - November 19, 2020
All are absolutely gorgeous, but I have a special place in my heart for Kiokas <3
WhiteFox - November 19, 2020
oh DEFINITELY Omni ;; I've loved them for years.. black and white are the best combination and gosh are all of these beautiful <3
Knightness - November 19, 2020
Liyure would be awesome to have and is my favorite one.
icedgreentea - November 19, 2020
it's a hard choice but i'm gonna say omni is my fave!
Merlin - November 19, 2020
Bruh that achro liyure... tuxedo kitty
Novarga - November 19, 2020
That Achromatic Stardust Omni is definitely the best looking!
graydaffodil - November 19, 2020
good afternoon res staff! my favorite achro mythic is the kioka. i dont know if any of you have read the book the night circus, but its a circus that only shows up in towns after dark. its theme is mostly black and white for all of its acts. the achro kioka makes me think of a black and white, or shadowy carousel that is beautiful and eerie, and i love it. i have always wanted a carousel animal tattooed on me, and the achro kioka is definitely an inspiration.
Antiarctic - November 19, 2020
The achromatic derp liyure is my favourite new achromatic mythical creatu!
Kikenie - November 19, 2020
My favorite Achromatic Mythical Creatu would have to be the Achromatic Liyure.
Moltres - November 19, 2020
I LOVE the achromatic cosmic kioka omgggg
Lance - November 19, 2020
achro omni is so pretty 🥺
Akechi - November 19, 2020
Rin - November 19, 2020
Honestly if I had to pick, it'd have to be the Omni.
oOVanillaOo - November 18, 2020
Liyure. ♥
Jenn - November 18, 2020
okami - November 18, 2020
I've never actually been a big fan of Liyure but oml that achro is GORGEOUS
Thaliel - November 18, 2020
Liyure for sure
Witchy - November 18, 2020
Liyure !!!
misilidora - November 18, 2020
Kioka wins
Moonnight - November 18, 2020
Liyure is my favorite, I am someone who loves the stars and feel a great connection to their backstory!
Savannah - November 18, 2020
Kioka for the win <3
catsmeow22 - November 18, 2020
Oh my gosh Liyure all the way. They are so magnificat!!
KiraraNeko - November 18, 2020
Liyure is fave
Percy - November 18, 2020
Kioka! Good luck everyone :)
Panda - November 18, 2020
Kalati - November 18, 2020
I like the achromatic omni just because I like the stardust version x3
sieskitty - November 18, 2020
I think my favorite is the Omni :)
SugarRush - November 18, 2020
They all look great but I do have to say I think the kioka is my favorite in achromatic! It just looks so ethreal! :)
petfriend02 - November 18, 2020
The Kioka looks amazing in acromatic!
Phoenix123 - November 18, 2020
Hell - November 18, 2020
Liyure :)
Juniper - November 18, 2020
Liyure! OMG the Liyure is just breath taking *-*
Ghosteez - November 18, 2020
Liyrue no question
Katiee - November 18, 2020
Omni! <3
Kelpie - November 18, 2020
My favorite is the Kioka!
XerxesTexasToast - November 18, 2020
Omni will always have my heart as my favorite mythical
Angelo - November 18, 2020
Omni all day!!
Spikedsoul - November 18, 2020
Seems a lot of us love the kioka xD
Elohim - November 18, 2020
kioka are my babies
moonsilver445 - November 18, 2020
Liyure have always been the creatu to tempt me to blow a huge chunk of cash on a virtual game
Silverstream94 - November 18, 2020
Liyure will always be my favorite.
ZiggyStardust - November 18, 2020
Favorite is Kioka, by far. Look at that stunning baby.
Eiji - November 18, 2020
Voidbringer - November 18, 2020
Lovin the achro kioka :O
Mahogany - November 18, 2020
The achromatic Omni is gorgeous, definitely my favourite! Especially with the Stardust 💫
purplehen427 - November 18, 2020
My favorite is all of them because Do you want to know why? It is because i love the kiokas because they just look sooo beautiful (i know my favorite creatus are Zennie, Murren, Aukira, and Myotis). Also, the reason why i like Omni is because i was gifted one by one of my friends on here as a gift and i wanted to thank them for giving me the omni. Also the reason why i like Liyure is because when the Liyure is a baby, it looks to be curious and it just explains who i am because i am always curious so it describes me.
fearow - November 18, 2020
achro liyure for sure!<3
Elyssa - November 18, 2020
Kioka is best ;o
FluzzMe - November 18, 2020
Those achro liyure look so good,,, y'all went crazy, y'all went stupid
MaliciousSoul - November 18, 2020
All them ive got one of each
Raizaki - November 18, 2020
Omni 100%
Vol - November 18, 2020
Definitely Omni!
Taiko - November 18, 2020
Well, usually I would say achro Otachie is best, but I think Kioka looks even better xD
Phoenixkratos - November 18, 2020
The liyure's always been my favorite, and I love the striking contrast on it!
Tamabits - November 18, 2020
the third creatu is the coolest looking imo!
PicturePerfect - November 18, 2020
Omg I NEED that achro Liyure! So beautiful 😭 Congrats on 15 years and thank you for this update!!
Fir3w0rks - November 18, 2020
Kioki is definitely my favourite achro!
Autumn - November 18, 2020
My favs def omni!!
Hobi - November 18, 2020
The kioka 🥺 so cute
Storm - November 18, 2020
The cosmic omni is my favorite!! But honestly love all of them, great job
SilverAshes - November 18, 2020
I thought my favorite would be Omni, but I have fallen in love with the achro Kioka. Great job on the update! The colors and effects look fantastic!
Lilith - November 18, 2020
Oh my gosh I am in love!!! The Liyure is my favorite, which surprised me because I always thought it would be Kioka. This is the best update ever!! ♥
Aneleh - November 18, 2020
Liyure *O* without doubt!!! All of them, by the way, are superb. Congratulations *O* <3
NoctisLucis - November 18, 2020
Gotta say my fave is the Liyure. They’re all beautiful though.
topazz - November 18, 2020
My favorite has always been the Liyure, but all of the new achromatic hatches are really cool. I still think the Liyure is my first pick, but the Omni and Kioka are beautiful, and I especially love the Omni's new pattern. The kioka is amazing! I love all of them!
Xichen - November 18, 2020
Ahh they're gorgeous!! Liyure will always be my favourite mythical, but I have a name that would fit an achro omni really well so I also adore that one ;v;
Crow - November 18, 2020
:o my favorite would be the omni! The stardust on the achros look so pretty :D
Symbiote - November 18, 2020
Love the Kioka! Definitely my fave
Vixren - November 18, 2020
My favorite is the Kioka <3
Kozmotis - November 18, 2020
I think my favorite would have to be the Liyure!
catra - November 18, 2020
the Liyure is always my favorite <3 thank you for the chance y'all
Juke - November 18, 2020
SecretsOfTheShadows - November 18, 2020
Robobunny - November 18, 2020
Absol - November 18, 2020
Unicorn - November 18, 2020
Kioka kioka kioka kioka
Schemes - November 18, 2020
I hatched the first kioka!!!!!! Thank you crow for the art day thanks Dan for the update!!! I love all the new achros <3
Lolli - November 18, 2020
love them all but kioka is my fav!
Ceiyru - November 18, 2020
They are all so pretty, but my favourite would have to be the Liyure.
Kush - November 18, 2020
starpuff - November 18, 2020
achro omni is my fave!
Ruse79 - November 18, 2020
The achro kioka is gorgeous omg I think that's my fav of all three
Fennimage666 - November 18, 2020
Kioka, pretty dainty boi
thehippi - November 18, 2020
DesolateSky - November 18, 2020
WinterRoseStorm - November 18, 2020
Oh mythical. Oops. Brain is still messing up. Then mine is Kioka
WinterRoseStorm - November 18, 2020
My favourite is Iluvu.
RainofStars - November 18, 2020
XAllurcore - November 18, 2020
Liyure is my favorite. <3
Mel - November 18, 2020
The liyure is definitely my fav
ShadowxxMistress - November 18, 2020
Achro Liyure!!!
Moro - November 18, 2020
you make us choose? thats just cruel xD Achro Derp Liyure ;D
Wanderland - November 18, 2020
Achro Kioka for sure <3
tututu - November 18, 2020
Achromatic Kioka
Echowolf - November 18, 2020
Omg I love the achro Omni the most! These are all so well done!
Smuh - November 18, 2020
Omni is my favorite in general, but I'm gonna have to go for kioka with the achro art. It's so beautiful.
Katie - November 18, 2020
Bitzski - November 18, 2020
wolfspirit25 - November 18, 2020
Always the Omni for me!
Otachie - November 18, 2020
My favorite mythical achro is Liyure
bunnies - November 18, 2020
My favorite is Liyure! :D
Steampunk - November 18, 2020
Love the omni
cerpin - November 18, 2020
the omni is definitely my fave, the markings are so pretty!
gemmalambe - November 18, 2020
Omni 100 percent XD
Rosette - November 18, 2020
Achromatic Kioka <3
Noodles27 - November 18, 2020
Loving the omni :)
omnoms - November 18, 2020
kioka has the best tone balance imo, but omni's all-silver ribbons are really cool, so omni it is!
Sliced - November 18, 2020
Lyiure ! It looks absolutely gorgeous in all colours :U: !
LunarStorm - November 18, 2020
Liyure has always been my fave of the three
Vagabond - November 18, 2020
The new achros all look amazing, but Kioka is definitely my fav. Excited about this update!
Flygon - November 18, 2020
Liyure would have to be my favourite.
Savage - November 18, 2020
My favorite is liyure!
Death - November 18, 2020
Snakefly - November 18, 2020
The achromatic Liyure is my favourite! I usually prefer Omni, but those striking white markings really win me over for the Liyure. :)
Titanium - November 18, 2020
Always Liyure <3 Look at that face mask!
Llama - November 18, 2020
The Omni is my fave ^^
Mangadreamer - November 18, 2020
Liyure is definitely my favorite!
Outsane - November 18, 2020
DAT. ACHRO. OMNI. Especially STARDUSTED! Omg. What an absolutely fabulous update!! I'll definitely try and get my hands on an egg or two!
RewsDragon - November 18, 2020
I love them all, they're so lovely :3 But Omni is definitely my favourite Achromia!
cb09251 - November 18, 2020
Kioka is gorgeous, especially with cosmic effect
LucyHeartfillia - November 18, 2020
Achro Kioka looks divine ;o; especially in the stardust effect
Halloween - November 18, 2020
That achro liyure is amazing, his colors are best on him. Very nice update.
Dissonantia - November 18, 2020
Achromatic Liyures are so gorgeous oh my lord they're like a cross between a panda, white tiger and a noodle
Zavira - November 18, 2020
I usually am a fan of the Liyure but I gotta say I really love the Omni so my favorite would be the Omni for Achro favorite. :)
Moss - November 18, 2020
achro Liyure is so gorgeous aaa def my fav (●˙꒳˙●)
Shallow - November 18, 2020
Kioka is my favourite!
Shallow - November 18, 2020
Kioka is my favourite!
Veram - November 18, 2020
Oh its def liyure for sure
Jahra - November 18, 2020
Omni <3
Boonys - November 18, 2020
Kirby - November 18, 2020
Kioka of course for me. Boy these all look great.