October 11, 2020 - New Exploration Feature, New Squishy Rewards!
Exploration Update

We have a massive new update to one of our core features - Exploration and finding Creatu Eggs!

You can now send your Creatu out to explore for you by clicking on the Explore tab at the top of every page. Creatu can only explore their home planet, which must also be your home planet. Upon returning, Creatu will find Creatu Eggs, planet themed items, TU, or even Relking Coins! The Loot Guide is located HERE.

Many of the questions you will have can be found in our Exploration FAQ.

This new exploration feature is currently in BETA. Elemental Essence Experience and Planet Intuition gained from this will be reset when the tweaked version is released.

Feedback is very welcome for this new feature - please visit the official Site Feedback forum, located HERE with any suggestions.

Creatu Squishy Collection Rewards

There are now rewards for how many Squishies your Creatu has played with, up to 1000 total Squishies! You can find the Squishy Rewards HERE.

Comments: 14

DreamsAwake - October 12, 2020
Wow this all is so amazing!! Thanks for all the hard work are putting into make Res so fun!!
Alfa2433 - October 11, 2020
I have no idea how to send my pets out to explore...
Kalati - October 11, 2020
also, big fan of planet limiting
Kalati - October 11, 2020
oh baby
Ryu28000 - October 11, 2020
Nice. Too bad I am restricted to my own planet but..whatev's. At least I have a way now to find more stuff. Nice update..thankies!
Schemes - October 11, 2020
I love this update. Also, I NEED ALL THE TERRYS
Xichen - October 11, 2020
Really great and exciting update!! It looks like people don't like the planet limiting but honestly it makes sense and we really need reasons to choose which planet we live on, so I'm loving all these changes. As long as certain activities like the enchanted springs don't become exclusive to Atquati residents I'm sure people will get more used to the limitation over time. It would be neat if CS creatu could be sent to planets other than our own, maybe explained by being able to withstand the trip across planets alone, but with a lower success rate if you're sending them farther away, or they take extra time to come home? That might help people get more used to the mechanic and cause less complaints, though it would have to be done in a way that still pushes the use of planet specific creatu so the new system is used as intended. Maybe limit exploration of a foreign planet with a CS creatu that can withstand the travel more? Just some suggestions, but I personally think it's great as is right now!!
Mangadreamer - October 11, 2020
Oops, ignore my question about the candles! I now see they’re part of the loot haha.
Mangadreamer - October 11, 2020
This seems really cool! Are we only able to explore with adult creatu? I can’t get the option to explore in the drop down for any younger creatu. Also, will aura candles be made more available to account for the fact that there are now so many aura candle-dependent activities?
Taiko - October 11, 2020
I like this new activity =3 I know it seems like users don't like the fact that the pets can only find eggs from their home planet, but I think that makes most sense. I mean, if you want to you can still find the eggs on other planets yourself. Btw: Could we maybe also have the explore-page filter the pets that are resting through the status drop-down, not just those exploring and those of the 'Any' status? I think that would make it a lot easier for me to get the loot that my pets brought home ^^
bunnies - October 11, 2020
I don't like that you can only find your home planet eggs. I get that there are things for each planet, but you should be able to find eggs on other plants by randomly exploring them. I mean, we have access to all of them, so we should be able to randomly find stuff on all of them.
Noir - October 11, 2020
Well there goes my ‘Tu income’ lol. Dunno how i feel about being...limited to my planet only though :/
Halloween - October 11, 2020
Huh..hmm. nice...i guess. SO.. when do we tot? Id love to start toting before the end of october, please.
Juke - October 11, 2020
Forget everything else LOOK AT THAT NEW TERRY