October 9, 2020 - Cloud Skimmer, New Collections, and Restocking Updates!
Hello there, general ken- whoops, I mean, general Rescreatu citizens! I hope you've been stocking up on those Nets that Taylor has been selling - because I've discovered they're perfect for skimming the clouds of Scria!


Visit my new Scria Cloud Skimmer game to skim the clouds of Scria! Why would you want to skim Scria's clouds, exactly? To find some of the Caps lost in the clouds by the residents of Scria! If you're bald, balding, or just want to be stylish; we have the hat you're looking for! Standard, Sideways, or Backwards, every style is available. If you're after a specific one, I have a Guide listed for you to figure out exactly what Hats can be found with each Net. Find this new game under the Activites tab.


Unfortunately, due to these clouds belonging to Scria, this is a Planet Exclusive game. Only the residents of Scria are allowed to access the clouds. 

Do you have a different home planet? Don't worry! I've heard a few others have fun things in store for you to do on your own planet very soon. If you'd rather try out Cloud Skimming, why don't you get an Aura Candle or Resident Permit for Scria?

All Planet Exclusive Games are permanent new features, not time-limited events.

New Collections!

There are a few new Collections for you to fill! Just type 'New' into the Collection Search Bar to find them.

Restocking Updates!

As some of you have noticed, restocking has had a quite large overhaul. Some of the details have been listed below:

Shops now have both minimum and maximum stock amounts for every time they restock.
This means shops with less items, such as the newer shops: Nifty Nets, Just Jars, etc. will always have a minimum amount of items that stock, so they will frequently have items to purchase.
However, shops like the Fashion Galore have a maximum amount of items to ensure they don't stock too much.
As of now, we feel the shops each have a comfortable balance, however the amounts could be adjusted on a shop by shop basis in the future.

Rarity now has a bigger meaning when choosing which items to stock.
Previously, the difference between Common items and Very Rare items wasn't that much. However, rarity now greatly influences if an item will restock or not. You will find Common items to be Common and Very Rare to be, well, Very Rare!

New Item Rarities
With this update, we've also introduced 2 new Item Rarities: Legendary and Event.
Legendary rarity items are 10 times less likely to stock as the current rarest item type, Very Rare. These will be extremely rare and sought after items, so grab any you see! As of now, we only plan to release new items with the Legendary rarity, however that might change in the future.
Event rarity items will be guaranteed to restock every time a shop stocks. This will be used in the future on select items to ensure that there is no struggle to gain items for events such as the Luau.

As we now have the new item rarities, we've released our first two Legendary items into circulation: 

Toast in Baked Goods and the Regression Ray Squishy in the Squishy Shop! These are permanent additions to their respective shops.

It seems that Malcolm has heard of these Legendary items and tried to forge some fakes! However, it really didn't turn out that well for him. He got his first (and only) shipment of his own Regression Ray Squishies, and they're all ruined! He's decided to stock these for a limited time in the Black Market until his stock of Broken Regression Ray Squishies has depleted.

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Hobi - October 10, 2020
Hello there general kenobi
Juke - October 9, 2020
husband getting cyberbullied in every newspost 😩 its ok malcolm i still love u
Xichen - October 9, 2020
Great update!!
RainofStars - October 9, 2020
I like the rarity update! It never made sense to me that Very Rare items were actually pretty common. How will this affect quests that ask for rare items, though? Will the allotted time to find the item increase?
Voidbringer - October 9, 2020
Wow this update is very cool!! Thank you res staff :)
SongbirdX - October 9, 2020
ooh, squishies!
Albion - October 9, 2020
Thanks for all of the above. The shops change seems to be working as I have actually been buying things from them after long hiatus of missing every thing.
Lilith - October 9, 2020
Great update!! Love all of this!
Schemes - October 9, 2020
Awesome update. Love the toast
Glitchy - October 9, 2020
Yooo this is all so good. Especially loving the new item rarities and the new legendary items!! That toast looks so... Delicious?!?!