July 29, 2020 - The Feiron Arrives + Loyna's Cetari!

I bring the best of news! We've discovered a secret hideout FULL of potatoes which were being launched all over the planets by that rascal Malcolm! He says he meant no harm. His intention was to give everyone 'free' potatoes, and then provide them with launchers so they could also 'enjoy' the fun. Personally, I think this was a greedy venture by him to sell launchers, and we're going to be keeping an eye out for more suspicious behavior. Seeing as we haven't had any injuries, we've let him go with a stern warning. This does mean, however, that we are no longer being punishingly pestered by potatoes.

albino adultcalico adultachromatic adult
black adulttrance adultamber adult

And with that problem solved, I can present my findings:

The new Feiron Creatu!

This Creatu is a part of the Reiflem species, but is quite rare. Due to how limited it is, I've decided to only give this Creatu out to the most dedicated residents of Reiflem - those who have frequently visited my Shrine and can bring me Three Blessed Elemental Creatu in exchange for each Feiron Creatu Egg.


The Feiron is a new, Evolving Season Creatu.
The seasons shown here in order are: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
These new Evolving Season Creatu are unique in a few ways:
They have a changing Natural color that automatically evolves with the Rescreatu seasons.
Cannot have applied effects.
Cannot change color via Natural Colored Jelly Beans.
Cannot change color via Enchanted Springs.
Eggs do not fail when fully incubated.
Eggs do not spoil.

You must be a resident of that specific planet to visit the Guardian Loyalty Quest.


Hello! I am glad to see you have all received Otroe's message so well. I am Loyna, Guardian of the planet Scria. I have some great news to share with you about a newly discovered Creatu on Scria, the Cetari. Unfortunately, Otroe seems to have stolen my thunder for today, so I'll let him have his few moments of fame. Check back in with me tomorrow to find out more!


Comments: 14

Cobaltblue13 - August 1, 2020
Pretty as they are i’m not willing to trade my pets for them =/
Arrow - July 30, 2020
the cetari are beautiful, but...the anatomy going on with that feiron tho rip. the leg placement, the beak, the awkward pose...
Evelyan - July 30, 2020
I through the whale will be Atquati but it's still nice. :)
bunnies - July 30, 2020
Sky whales. :D I told my husband they were real. xD
Tory - July 30, 2020
So cute. I can hear them sing ... Whale song ...
Eiji - July 30, 2020
Also, "Seeing as we haven't had any injuries" my peace of mind is pretty badly injured
Eiji - July 30, 2020
Halloween - July 30, 2020
I see, this is going to be tough to get these. From all shrines. I think I'll wait a year, store up some good items.
Kalati - July 29, 2020
A little jealous of the whales but I'm boutta go feral over this system
Ninjaofshadow - July 29, 2020
I AM IN LOVE WITH THE SPACE WHALES! I feel like I'm playing ark survival evolved
PinkParadise - July 29, 2020
If only my 13 year old self didn't click the first planet unknowingly when I signed up 13 years ago. So many mistakes were made -.- Relcore has nothing on Reiflem
Xichen - July 29, 2020
Chaos - July 29, 2020
Cloud Whales?
Chaos - July 29, 2020
Pastel Whales. 💜