July 26, 2020 - Scuba Time

"Why, howdy there, stranger. There seems t' have been some kinda mistake. I've been lumbered with a whole load o' scuba gear an' I ain't got no use for it! Here's an idea, why don' I give ya some for helpin' me out with m' quest?"

For the next couple of weeks, Cassie will randomly award parts of a scuba gear kit to those who help out with her clothing quest! 

With summer heating up, you'll definitely want to have a full set of scuba gear on hand in case you need to cool off in the crisp waters of Atquati. There are four pieces to collect, so no time to waste! 

Head over to see Cassie and find out what your first task will be!

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Comments: 3

Lilith - July 29, 2020
Has anyone gotten any of the scuba gear yet? I've been playing the quest since the update but have yet to see any of these items.
Evelyan - July 27, 2020
The clothes quest is my least favourite but will give it a try.
Oriette - July 26, 2020
Love this concept! :) Great idea!