January 12, 2020 - Changelog
Please refer to the following for a list of changes that have been made on Rescreatu over the last few days.

1. A variation of the Quest Log has been added to Quest main page.
2. Quest item rewards have been moved to their own page and have received a small UI update.
3. 100k and 1 Million TU barter tokens have been added as additional item prizes to each quest.
4. Fixed a glitch that allowed skipping of CAPTCHA when purchasing items from NPC shops.
5. Fixed a glitch that allowed for the accrual of unlimited daily reward points via usage of unbreakable toys.
6. Quelis award in Kir's Quest has been adjusted +3 points.
7. Select all button added to the Atqueen Forest release.
8. Removed ancient social media links from user profiles.
9. Added a "new user" indicator to the Users Online page.
10. Added a sort by name/price on Edit Stock (Merchant Shop) page.

Comments: 11

Albion - January 13, 2020
Never tried to use 5 for unlimited but it was the way I reached level one to use Axoltol. I was using endless apple pie to feed a few creatu as well as had mixed bunch of starvers for grave yard with others growing up. You can not use food pen if starving down creatu. It has put level one daily points out of reach for me.
purplehen427 - January 12, 2020
o.O? what is ancient social media links?
Suneater - January 12, 2020
Could rancher be sorted by price too?
purplehen427 - January 12, 2020
Woah this is so helpful, Thank You!
Shena - January 12, 2020
Cannot thank you guys enough for the constant updates~ These are beyond helpful! I've been loving the updated quests
RivenRoo - January 12, 2020
Who else instantly shot for Users Online to see the newbie tags?
Hell - January 12, 2020
Could you make it so you can edit gallery categories. Also, if you could make it like rancher, where you can mass drop off things into a category. Maybe? Thank you :-)
Hell - January 12, 2020
Thank you!!
Oriette - January 12, 2020
#10 has changed my life, I actually want to restock my shop now 8) Ty!
River - January 12, 2020
When choosing an option to sort by on the edit stock page, could we also get an option to sort by ascending/descending? In addition, when changing pages, this filter is removed. This happens on the edit stock page. Something similar happens with the inventory quick stock too. The search term is no longer applied when changing page. LOVE the quest log addition on the main quest pages - great job on this one, guys!! QoL is so much better
Lilith - January 12, 2020
Nice! Especially 8 and 9.