January 8, 2020 - Addison

Addison is grinning from ear to ear like he has good news. You should visit him and hear what he has to say! He runs the Botanist Quest in Atqueen Forest, doesn't he?

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Noodles27 - January 15, 2020
I had enough points for the tea infuser, but I wasnt able to collect prize since the event ended while I was asleep. Is there any way to, or did I just miss out? :(
Ryu28000 - January 13, 2020
I had to spend quite a bit of tu just to get a few measly ingredients. After I brewed a vat of sage tea I decided that's it!
Lilith - January 11, 2020
Please read my suggestion re shop items for this event. www.rescreatu.com/forum/cat/feedback/suggestions/shop-stock-during-events/~page/1/
BoredDragon - January 10, 2020
Yeah, the one item at a time is kind of annoying for buying other items, but it's just in Healthy Foods, and Beverages, well and Cooking Supplies, but you don't buy food there. I'd suggest shopping in the Bakery in the meantime, it typically sells high quantities of cheap items that you could mass buy to feed pets.
Seraphimus - January 10, 2020
I'm kinda annoyed by " one item per shop only"... It's so hard now buying food for pets... I usually buy in huge amounts... Now I have to click one food type several times ... Not to mention how hard is even to get sugar cubes... They are almost never in shop XD
Thaliel - January 9, 2020
FrostLightRose how did you do it? I am also not seeing the requirements on the wuest page
Billbee - January 9, 2020
After I make the tea and collect it, it does not show up to be handed in! Where do they go?
FrostLightRose - January 9, 2020
Fixed it! This should be interesting!
FrostLightRose - January 9, 2020
Nothing happens for me when I go to see Addison. Just the regular handing in of flowers.
Snowpea - January 8, 2020
The ingredients are stocking regularly in NPC shops (check item database to see which ones) and can also be found in random events when clicking around the site ^^
Thaliel - January 8, 2020
now if only I know where to find the things I need, as shops don't have any