January 4, 2020 - What's wrong?

It appears Elijah is very worried about something! Maybe you should go and see what that is?

You can find Elijah in the Ice Tunnels!

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WinterRoseStorm - January 5, 2020
Thanks BD. That makes sense lol
BoredDragon - January 5, 2020
I assume that we're waiting. It's Addison, who's the plant/bug guy. I tried going to the Botanist Quest to activate him and nothing happened. So I could be wrong, but I assume since it said to "give him a few days" because he was working on something of his own... that we're just waiting, and hopefully there will be an update when Addison has been activated.
WinterRoseStorm - January 5, 2020
Also stuck -_-
Tanner-the-winner - January 4, 2020
where do I go when I have went to the ice tunnels to palora's shrine and back to the ice tunnels
purplehen427 - January 4, 2020
? i am clueless about this, is this going to continue?