February 22, 2009 - V-Day & Gondra

The Valentine Day events have closed. Hope you all had fun during the event, even with the lag. 

With the closure of these events comes a revamped Gondra. Thank Nightdragon for this awesome revamp! Cool With the introduction of Nightdragon's first work as a Rescreatu Artist, she will now appear blue through out the site. The Gondra now comes in many colors including azure, rose, indigo, magenta, lemon and lime.




Comments: 104

fawnstep11 - June 4, 2012
a gondra was my 1st rescreatu swisheye!
SquirrelLord - November 4, 2010
I love them
Mysticalwolf - May 15, 2010
They're beautiful.
GoldenClaw - August 16, 2009
My big sis wants the rose one soooooo bad... Wish those dye kits weren't so expensive.
TailsFan1 - July 7, 2009
100th comment! ^^' awesome, but the old ones are adorable. Please don't revamp the Drindion nor Myotis D:
zena365 - March 29, 2009
the old 1 was cool this 1 is ick
zena001 - March 29, 2009
i liked the original alooooooot better this 1 is sooooooooooo ugly
majidra - March 18, 2009
revamp all of em!!! I now have a craving for gondra!!!!!!! must have red one!!!*drool*
Jane4467 - March 5, 2009
If I was a n00b I would think that this is the rarest creatu. Nice job!
Gunmetal - March 5, 2009
Very good.
whatever6551 - March 4, 2009
Omg! They're sooooo cute- but I think Drindians are in desparate need for a revamp- along with Myotis. And a couple others that need attention. lol. They will still be awesome tho. :P
AIEIEe - March 4, 2009
The baby blue 1 is so adorible
dodobird45 - March 3, 2009
O.O must......have......indigo.....dragon.......THANK YOU NIGHTDRAGON :-D
HappyPersonC8 - March 1, 2009
ahhhh so amazing O.O i used not to love gondras (sorry to old artist...) BUT THEY ARE SO YUMMY NOW!!!!! *snatches the azure from paigecam and runs away*
Icalasari - February 28, 2009
NICE! Those are awesome!
claoufaeng - February 27, 2009
Now you've revamped those two to look GOOD, I want them! Drindian now, no?
hj42 - February 27, 2009
beautiful, just beautiful, very nice job, along with the berrok, i think the rose is magnificent, i cant wait to see if the drindin gets a revamp, because im sure it would be awesome :)
petpet5 - February 27, 2009
i think that is very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dea - February 26, 2009
Knux64echidna - February 25, 2009
Oh, I'd die for a dye kit! <_>
paigecam - February 25, 2009
O.O I used to hate these stupid Junk pets. Not anymore. GIMME TEH AZURE! *steals and walks away whistling*
monet08 - February 25, 2009
can you plzzzzzzzzz make a revamp for a drindin?i want a new drindian makeover!!!!!!!!
monet08 - February 25, 2009
can you plzzzzzzzzz make a revamp for a drindin?i want a new drindian makeover!!!!!!!!
Shaymin118 - February 25, 2009
they are amazing! the gondras needed a revamp and nightdragon did it perfectly! great job! my favourite gondra colour is azure!
SarahFox - February 25, 2009
Pearlie140 - February 24, 2009
Azures gourgeous
Pearlie140 - February 24, 2009
Azures gourgeous
wolfrainwolf - February 24, 2009
Hallien - February 24, 2009
Awesome job!!! I didn`t find any Iluvu eggs though =(
k24601 - February 24, 2009
I totally missed out on iluvyou egg(s) as well...New Grondra rocks!
NarutoCrazy - February 24, 2009
Glad theirs a new Rose color, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
ribunny123 - February 24, 2009
cool! it will take a wile to get used to but cool! :D
siya77 - February 24, 2009
awww... they're Sooo cute!!!
BlackMage - February 24, 2009
I screamed when I saw these... I WANT ONE NOW.
Jackulwulf - February 23, 2009
Oh my, that is such an awesome job :D I so want a Gondra now. ^.^
ronozoro - February 23, 2009
Awesome job Nightdragon!
resrocks1997 - February 23, 2009
Aaaaaaaawwwwwwww darn I didnt get a single iluvu egg!!!!! And I LOVE the gondas!!! I'm gonna start collecting them now!
Yoshi - February 23, 2009
Wow. That's the most awesome Gondra I've ever seen. o3o Well, Night. Congrats on making staff. :D You really deserve it. ... Aha. Maybe the Tyran has hopes of becoming official now, no? ;3
xarratha - February 23, 2009
Love the adult form ;) Great job!
backhandslap230 - February 23, 2009
I like the detail and time you took into making it. It's lovely. The colors are nice because they're an array of that color.
Dragongod101 - February 23, 2009
Grate work! This is a really asome dragon! I'm in love!
petzareawesome - February 23, 2009
Aw. No more rabid furries from the depths of reiflem? xD I Love, Love, Love, LOVE the revamp of the gondra. They look so awesome. Loooovvveeee *ahem* Yes. So, congratz Nightdragon :3 'Tis great is all I can say xD
Bonezilla - February 23, 2009
They look....AWESOME!
Windy - February 23, 2009
Oh... wow.
kooldragon6678 - February 23, 2009
Cool! I'm definately starting a Gondra collection! They're amazing!
Dragonstar - February 23, 2009
New Gondra rocks!
_Ranvier - February 23, 2009
....I love Gondra.
fizzyizze - February 23, 2009
Nightdragon: I.Love.You.
cyaniderain - February 23, 2009
is the gondra actually gorgeous now? >o< aghhhhh more common eggs to collect wrrryyyyy. -needs to finish ahea X_X-
SerenitySorrow - February 23, 2009
That is soo good. It makes me want to actually pick up the eggs. lol. Nice work Nightdragon.
BlueBunny - February 23, 2009
Wow it is SO good! It's so clear and crisp now. The old ones weren't lol. Niicee! I think I might like Gondra's now ;D
pandameg199630 - February 23, 2009
*bows to the new gondra*Im not worthy.im not worthy.
shadowrider - February 23, 2009
awesome. very pretty :D
Muirgen - February 23, 2009
OMG! OMG! They are awesome! and I have Blonde! I just love it now! :D Thanks for the awesome revamp.
luv2eatTacos - February 23, 2009
Looks great! All the new pets are so...shiny!
Princissa - February 23, 2009
omgomgomgomg!!! congrats NightDragon!!!! I knew you could do it ^^ LOVE the re-vamp!
girlsmackback11 - February 23, 2009
So much better~! Congrats!
Misscutie - February 23, 2009
Ehh...Kinda like the old one betta..sorry =(
Breosaighit - February 23, 2009
It's okay...I like the old one better.
Cory - February 23, 2009
AWESOME!! i'm gonna start collecting gondra now!
Yorama - February 23, 2009
Way to go Nightdragon this is awsome looking hope u have more soon. ;)
rewq2 - February 23, 2009
i love it love it love it! yay for nightdragon awesome revamp my emrald looks so much better now! The old one was okay but this is great! Ty nightdragon!
Jemi - February 23, 2009
awsome uber cool
HollyAnn - February 23, 2009
Oh my gosh! I never thought I would fall in love with the Gondra! Beautiful work Nightdragon! :)
Nessi - February 23, 2009
Stunning! 8D
Wolfeira - February 23, 2009
Wow, Night! 8D They're absolutely fantastic! Glad you're a staffie, you deserved it! ^^
Maplecate - February 23, 2009
OMGee - the gondra just went from ug to FAB in the blink of an eye. I am SO happy I kept all my eggies anyhow! Cate :)
KristaNalon - February 23, 2009
great job, Nightdragon! grats.....
Soulyter - February 23, 2009
>D NIGHT! HAI. x3 Iz Edgey from Zerapiaaa~! <3 I still love your talent. D;
Dustfeather - February 23, 2009
:O Woah! Great Job! =D
Stranger - February 23, 2009
Holy... Cow... That's amazing! Great job, and thanks! ^^
chinchilla - February 23, 2009
omg got to hatch one
April - February 23, 2009
Beautifully drawn revamp.
Dairu - February 23, 2009
woah I love the rose O.O !!!!! Awesome job!
shadowcat3296 - February 23, 2009
*twitch* And they rise from the strangest-looking creatu to one of the greatest... <3 I love the artists here. xD <333
AriaKaye1 - February 23, 2009
Theyellowflash - February 23, 2009
Kitty - February 23, 2009
I'm extremely impressed with this revamp. I am in love with Gondras now. Great work, Nightdragon, and 'grats on becoming blue. :]
CaveAdsum - February 23, 2009
Just beautiful! Really good work!
MuMbBlE07 - February 23, 2009
It is soooo beautiful.
Fenikkusu - February 23, 2009
Oh wow, these gondras are AMAZING o-o; Kudos to the new artist!
Jackins - February 23, 2009
Great revamp, however, it seems the Gondra's colors have not been included in the change. Only natural is currently listed and the dye kits don't work.
Tasmia - February 23, 2009
AWSOME! Really good job Nightdragon :'D I have already about 30 Gondras ^^
Wolfwinx - February 23, 2009
Sweet! Great job, Nightdragon :)
SilentWings - February 23, 2009
Beautiful revamp. Now I am glad I have them
PrevSekhmet - February 23, 2009
Oh wow, those are really nice, very good job NightDragon!
Starseed - February 23, 2009
I'm impressed. :) Great work. Like the baby berrok the baby gondra is mega cute. And the coloration is also fantastic. I'm spechless. Can't wait for the next revamp. :)
Tesurikitty - February 23, 2009
aww poop, i didnt have a chance to even see the valentine event!!!!!!!!! by the way, cute gondra =3
kawaiiangel - February 23, 2009
I love the new look! Amazing!
Trance - February 23, 2009
Oh gosh, those are totally sweet o.O Awesome job.
layamaria - February 23, 2009
wow!!! -rushes to see what her own sepia gondra looks like now- PrettyClaws will be able to hold her own now!
Reva - February 23, 2009
thank you so much for the event (: the revamp is awesome!
Brendan504 - February 23, 2009
its been a few months since I've been here but when are the drindians going to get a revamp?
Kaiba - February 23, 2009
Awesome to the extreme. Love it!
Outsane - February 23, 2009
Good thing I have all the colors already. *expects the prices to skyrocket*
psychosilver288 - February 23, 2009
I LOVE it!
Geonightrose - February 22, 2009
OH WOW, now that is awesomeness times a million. Great job on this creatu!
Mab - February 22, 2009
OOOOhhhh ... that is sooooooo nice ... well done Nightdragon :D
felineLOVER - February 22, 2009
And... Too bad i only found 1 iluvu egg on all this time! *sigh*
Hetalia - February 22, 2009
Very nice Gondra : o Awesome job, Nightdragon :D
felineLOVER - February 22, 2009
Shinigami - February 22, 2009
Hoard tiem naow. >D
RainofStars - February 22, 2009
VERY nice. Great job Nightdragon!
Eiji - February 22, 2009
o_o New love.