November 19, 2014 - New Trick or Treat Items
New Trick or Treat items have emerged! 
These can also be found while Exploring. Can you collect them all?

Many players have been experiencing invisible items or eggs while Exploring & Hunting. We've been working on this and believe the issue is now fixed. Please report if you run into problems still. We really appreciate your feedback and patience!
To help make up for this inconvenience, those who have already started an Egg Hunt have had their time extended by 24 more hours.

Comments: 15

Halloween - November 20, 2014
I have to chime in here..I think thoes sirleon gummies are so darn cute! and the backDrop..is amazing!
XAllurcore - November 20, 2014
Thankyou! I thought I was going crazy and was bumed I didn't see those 3 eggs I missed! Going now! :D
Dragonhatcher - November 20, 2014
Thanks for the new items, but I had the spider dice before the update happened, (confused)
Elley - November 20, 2014
Thanks for the fix and the extra time!
Smuh - November 20, 2014
Love the new items, especially the wonderful clothes (and that Gorgeous backdrop). Thanks, staffies. ^.^
kalisocal - November 19, 2014
Thank you! It helped a lot, thanks to this I found both the eggs! Again thanks!
CVizzle - November 19, 2014
Great job as usual guys!
Trenthepunkid - November 19, 2014
Woot! Thanks so much, guys :D
Thowra - November 19, 2014
Thanks for the update! <3
Dunsparce - November 19, 2014
Thankyou for the extra day! things are showing up for me now :3 welldone on fixing it!
Wwizzy - November 19, 2014
PS - thanks so very much!
Wwizzy - November 19, 2014
yay, more goodies; more hunting time. Now where are those wascally wabbits (I mean ebilia)... grabs my net and goes back to hunt!
Ceiyru - November 19, 2014
Thanks for the time extension.
Halloween - November 19, 2014
omg,you guys are so nice,for the time extention. thank you! and..wow..look at thoes items! omg,i cant wait to find these!
Pretzel - November 19, 2014
Thanks guys!