October 3, 2014 - Small Update
We have implemented a couple changes to the website.

Merchant Shops and Item Galleries now give players the ability to search for a specific item when Editing Stock!

If you hatch an Albino, Calico, Achromatic, or Mutant Creatu, it will be announced in the Shout Box!
(We are still working on this feature, and there will likely be some privacy options included.)

Comments: 10

Suede - October 7, 2014
Someone just made my day, search in the storage...been waiting for this so long. YOU ROCK!!!
Shadly - October 4, 2014
Please let us know, I don't plan on hatching anything until privacy settings are implemented. This seems really unnecessary.
Xichen - October 4, 2014
Nice :D this is cool~
Halloween - October 3, 2014
ohhh,very cool changes. ^.^ thanks!
Lunchboxbaby - October 3, 2014
Awww yeah! I like the SB shoutout deal! That's sweet! And the search feature for the galleries is awesome too! Thanks, staff! :D
Suede - October 3, 2014
Thank you, I love the search feature...please add it to *storage*.(this area always gets left out of new features and updates, its so scary in there)
thehippi - October 3, 2014
sweet, that will make things so much easier when editing my shop
Moro - October 3, 2014
omg I looove you guys for that search option :DD *been searching herself to death in a 900 item gallery* nice job!
Amaterasu - October 3, 2014
Nice! I'm tired of going through every single page of a shop to find one item XD
yummycake6 - October 3, 2014
I saw these! AWESOME!