September 25, 2014 - New Apples!
New apples are growing and being discovered at the Apple Tree!
Can you find them all?

Poisonous Apple, Toffee Apple, Green Furry Apple, Yellow Furry Apple
Sour Apple, Bitter Apple, Unknown Apple, Acid Apple
Super Sweet Apple, Old Apple, Apple Core, Wormy Apple
Teeny Tiny Apple, Stone Apple, Calico Apple, Speckled Apple

In addition, the Pixie and Vampire Apple have been revamped.

Artists: Crowflux, KiraraNeko, kraine, Speras, and xeeroh
Writers: Taka, wolfspirit25

Comments: 30

PeasOnEarth - October 3, 2014
These apples are all very gorgeous! I can't wait to pick some of them ;)
Storm - October 1, 2014
Well done artists! :)
Lipgloss - September 29, 2014
sorry how the and yellow have no space in between them :(
Lipgloss - September 29, 2014
I have fallen love with the calico apple, the teeny tiny apple and theyellow firry apple. SO CUTE!;)
wolfclaws505 - September 27, 2014
Thanks for telling me! Thank you! :)
crowflux - September 27, 2014
@Syaraa: I'll see what I can do. ;) @wolfclaws505: This will not be just for Halloween, but a permanent addition. :>
wolfclaws505 - September 27, 2014
Wait, will this be perminint or just for halloween? Any way, I love it, especially the redisines of the vampire apple an the pixie apple!
MaudPie - September 27, 2014
Who ho! I'll be feeding my pets on the apple tree more often!!!
yummycake6 - September 26, 2014
Finally people will take more interest in the apple tree!
pandanalina - September 26, 2014
Lolli - September 26, 2014
Thanks for the new apples!
Thowra - September 26, 2014
Those furry apples are the best <3
Syaraa - September 26, 2014
I love them so much <3 I hope u mention the artist name with every update :3
Syaraa - September 26, 2014
I love them so much <3 I hope u mention the artist name with every update :3
Halloween - September 26, 2014
you can do both. ^.^
Pixiestyx - September 26, 2014
I'm new here (and thus confused easily). So do we collect these apples or do we feed our pets with them or both (collect first, feed seconds)?
Juke - September 26, 2014
The unknown and Speckled apples tho :D
Twilight - September 25, 2014
find them all? gotta catch them all!
Halloween - September 25, 2014
ok,ok..i has fallin in LOVE with the "poisonous apple!" for some reason, i been picking for an hour.. and i cant find the old apple,or apple core.
Marshell - September 25, 2014
BEING discovered? More to come?
Kittykat - September 25, 2014
FURRY APPLESSSSS I love the revamps also!! 8D Awesome job artists!
Icalasari - September 25, 2014
Wait, pre eaten apples grow at the tree?
Lunasparkle - September 25, 2014
Awesome!! I Love them!! Totally fun!!!
Halloween - September 25, 2014
apples!! i love the poison and furry apples. and the acid one. great art job!
Vol - September 25, 2014
Hey! Listen!
crowflux - September 25, 2014
Apples. Apples everywhere! :>
psychosilver288 - September 25, 2014
Oooh... Awesome. o3o
Cougar - September 25, 2014
These are great omg
PreviousBlue - September 25, 2014
yes just what we needed
Xichen - September 25, 2014
;o; neat new apples!