February 11, 2009 - Berrok Revamp


Thanks to Xeeroh,  the Berrok has received a new revamp. All natural colors are currently available for it.

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Gam3er_legend_360 - March 30, 2021
Im from 2021 one :D Where there are lots of creatu
RivenRoo - December 30, 2019
Hello. I am from the future...
Tanner-the-winner - December 20, 2019
yeah I am I future person too
RivenRoo - November 24, 2019
Hello, I am from the future! Where I am from, all creatu can be dyed colors! Be amazed!
skiski951 - September 13, 2017
Beep hoop <b> bold
skiski951 - April 24, 2017
Oh yeah, I'm from the year 2017!
AnimalsRAwesome - December 22, 2016
Hello, I am from the year 2016. I would like to tell you that there will be much more different kinds of creatu than you know now. And I also want to tell you that berrok will also be dye-kit-able.
UniversalWolf - November 23, 2016
Starblade2014 - November 12, 2016
Look! It is I, from the future!
Elyssa - January 27, 2016
boop <p> future
Echo - January 17, 2015
I come from the Future. This is update #200
Dragonhatcher - May 31, 2014
i meant fellow
Dragonhatcher - May 31, 2014
hello feow rescreatians, I have come from the future!
yummycake6 - May 18, 2014
Lol i LOVE posting in SUPER old threads. ^_^
Xichen - May 3, 2014
LOL guys. I love how the majority of these comments are about people being from the future. XD
Samira3 - September 28, 2013
lol qazxswdfg !!! im also from the future and the berroks are very common
catcher00 - July 16, 2013
Lol you're right slyfox; July 2013 right now. SO OLD!
slyfox - April 4, 2013
Haha so old 2013!! >:D I was scrolling down to the comments and Feb. 5 2009 - Oct.15 2010 were all practically the same avatar. Got me a little scared for a sec there.. RANDOM COMMENT >:D
spirit1212 - June 22, 2012
Wow,this is really old,I wonder what the old Berrok looked like...
Ilsina - April 14, 2012
qazxswdfg - February 14, 2012
nin5374 - December 6, 2011
this is REALY old
maxo - November 7, 2011
ZebrasRule - June 28, 2011
Midna - April 30, 2011
Hm.. old one was not as fierce. Lol I'm from the future XDD
fawn - April 1, 2011
...and thus, my dad was created :/
Noryse - February 24, 2011
Scorpioni - February 21, 2011
WOW This has been here like, foereever lol
matajaca - January 19, 2011
gente é mesmo muito daoras não meso ali no final tava meso
matajaca - January 19, 2011
os berroks sao muito daoras muito legais mesmo com cara de bravo eles continuam muito legais eles sao meso muito daoras vou chocar um amanhã !!!!!
nobackseat - January 16, 2011
lightningtrail - December 30, 2010
darksky2259 - November 16, 2010
if you want it i cold give it to you for free now so dad bad cool i don,t belewo in that
darksky2259 - November 16, 2010
not cool any more
darksky2259 - November 16, 2010
if it is so cool how cool is a amber dye kit
darksky2259 - November 16, 2010
darksky2259 - November 16, 2010
darksky2259 - November 16, 2010
that is so cool
Sianinator - November 3, 2010
Wow. O.o what did it originally look like? I haven't been here for long; when I joined it was already like this ;)
Sora10 - November 3, 2010
Wow I remeber this like a million years ago lol
Happykitty - October 15, 2010
(I come from the future literally this is number 60 for me.)
dragonwind - August 31, 2010
Amaryllis - July 7, 2010
samuelb - June 22, 2010
Renaissance - January 26, 2010
Number 101 ;o
buddy2345 - December 10, 2009
COOLEST CREATU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ManderPander - November 29, 2009
Aqueeze - November 26, 2009
I like Berroks
blackfly - November 11, 2009
thats soo cool
SarahFox - November 7, 2009
Wow, newest comment xD they are kind of... well... not so pleasant, the old berrok were cool, now they have arrows all over their arms! o_O and arrows on the egg? >U< O
missceco - October 31, 2009
i think that the berrok is a lovely cretu in all its ways but make him/her very very happy or you will be sorry since they atack preditors butit sometimes wont defend you.
escobido - September 21, 2009
hey why did ciera523 had same ahea avatar i hate it wen its that way its ok im not really mad
escobido - September 18, 2009
cool awesomee incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ciera523 - August 14, 2009
petpetjaiden - July 4, 2009
IceChamp99 - June 9, 2009
i think u should revamp the paor eggs :)
IceChamp99 - June 9, 2009
so he added colors to the berrok eggs?
Kitteness - April 24, 2009
SarahFox - April 9, 2009
Eh, The Gondra are already revamped. Meh. :/
zena365 - March 29, 2009
i agree it is disgesting and creepy and scary ahhhhhh!
zena001 - March 29, 2009
i liked the old 1 better this 1 is kinda ugly.
spectre - February 14, 2009
I liked the old one. I have and it Swinie but know that they revamped it, the name dosen't go with it. But still, nice art!
Randomsponge101 - February 11, 2009
i like it now it used to look bad but now i actually have one. cool revamp guys!
Randomsponge101 - February 11, 2009
i like it now it used to look bad but now i actually have one. cool revamp guys!
persafini - February 10, 2009
cool I love it. Its so cute.
afzelia - February 10, 2009
NightofUmbreon - February 9, 2009
WHOA TOTALLY AWESOME good job Xee nice art skills!!!
cloudara - February 8, 2009
its AAAAAWWWWWWWWSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEE!!! it just needs to a little more realistic if you know what i mean but besides that is AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWSSSSSSOOOOOMMMMEEEE!!!!
star1010101 - February 8, 2009
I only like the first & 2nd stage
FrightNight - February 7, 2009
backhandslap230 - February 7, 2009
Yah it's cool, (meragons, ebilias, liyures, kiokas, omnis, vogars, zenirixs, paors, miekos, iluvus, draquas, and other stuff) (I think when you revamp creatu you should ask if we want it to be, cause a change of a creatu we don't like would probably be more epic than a change of a squishy) :)
bean14 - February 7, 2009
holy crap. I love it rox.
Syawn - February 6, 2009
Nice! I love it! Keep up the great work! (Just please don't mess with meragons, uliuses, vogars, verams, liyures, eblias, tesuris... well, anyway, the stuff people like XD )
Wildspirit - February 6, 2009
looks sort of like a wolf/bear now 83
backhandslap230 - February 6, 2009
Sigh now that I'm thinking about it, I've spent 83 days with him the old way and it's been 3 days and I'm still just not over it. why can't the old ones have stayed too.
Tasmia - February 6, 2009
:DDD I love the new design of Berrok! I'm trying to hatch a Ginger and an Albino ^^ Really awesome job,Xeeroh ;)
Shaymin118 - February 6, 2009
HOLY MACARONI THOSE ARE AMAZING! they are not berroks, they are.....the most awesome looking creatus ive seen yet! im waiting for other revamps already! especially drindian!
TailsFan1 - February 6, 2009
i agree with Sarahfox,i like the old one better. the old one rocks! i don't like berroks now that they are new. GrrrrrrRRRRRRrrrrr.
SarahFox - February 5, 2009
Um, i don't want to be mean, but i don't really like the knew version. Sighs. i really want it to change back. That would e cool if everyone wanted it change back. }:(
3nala - February 5, 2009
i just got twoof those! omg! wow!andi was an idiot to think my eggs were switched! 3nala
Bethykins46 - February 5, 2009
Roditore next? AWSOME BTW!
Yorama - February 5, 2009
Wolfwinx - February 5, 2009
Xeeroh really is an awesome artist! The Berroks look so sweet :D!
SilverKisses - February 5, 2009
Meepz. Xeeroh. You know why we lurve you ♥ I've hatched an Albino already lawlz xD
harriette - February 5, 2009
wow i love them wow wow wow
felineLOVER - February 4, 2009
KOOL! I wish drindrians and gondras get a revamp! GONDRAS especially.
Samolas - February 4, 2009
That is awesome
Reina - February 4, 2009
Finally they revamped it!! I was waiting years for this!! :)
shadowrider - February 4, 2009
i love All the ages of berrok. the next that are dying for revamps are OTATCHIE the most DRINADIAN next and MERAGON next. i think the rest are perfectly fine.
Hallien - February 4, 2009
Awesome,great job!!! Ive never owned a Berrok before cause I didn`t like them,now I`ll keep the eggs and may even collect them someday.
shadowrider - February 4, 2009
RainofStars - February 4, 2009
Any chance of an update for the Drindian? I'm so impressed by the Berrok I'm getting my hopes up :D
skuid - February 4, 2009
Noelle - February 4, 2009
Holy Shizzang thats awesome!
zodiacdragon777 - February 4, 2009
Nice new look I think I might keep one this time!
Xipil - February 4, 2009
Oh, wow! Before Berroks were generic and bland, (no offense to original artist) but now I think I'll start to keep my Berrok eggs. Great job!
HollyAnn - February 4, 2009
Wow! The Berrok looks so much more impressive now! =D Wonderful job on the revamp! :)
kittycat44a - February 4, 2009
cool! if only the chimby had a revamp..
backhandslap230 - February 4, 2009
wait, last night mine berrok eggs were different, now there back to normal.
Theyellowflash - February 4, 2009
Wow,Xee's way of doing them makes them look as cool as the credit-shop creatu!:D
layamaria - February 4, 2009
wow!!! now my berroks look totally awesome. thanks guys, you rock!
Mab - February 4, 2009
Ohhhh that is soooo nice Xee ... well done :D
Roxas - February 4, 2009
Fancy guys, do dridian next, please x3
Phos - February 4, 2009
:O its sooo nice!
Starseed - February 4, 2009
OMG, the baby berrok is total cuteness :) Great job Xeeroh
Tails3028 - February 3, 2009
Do the berroks aready hatched change, or do you have to hatch new ones? Great Job by the way!
backhandslap230 - February 3, 2009
I love them, I have too hatch another one to go with my other berrok so I can see the cuteness as I raise it!
Uni1234679 - February 3, 2009
Awesome job, Xeeroh! I has no need to avoid Berrok now, thanks to you! 8D
luv2eatTacos - February 3, 2009
Awesome! This is the first revamp while I was here and it looks GREAT! Marvelous job, xeeroh!
resrocks1997 - February 3, 2009
0.0 Yay! Now I can finally get over my fear and hatred of berroks! They were scary before >_< But now they are pure awsomenesses!!!! I think I'll start collectiong them now! Once I finish my Aukira, Uilus, and Easero collecttions!
RainofStars - February 3, 2009
Very cool! I actually want one now. Beautifully done!
Masked - February 3, 2009
I like it. It's definitely better than the old one; I might actually pick up the eggs now.
larkspurlane - February 3, 2009
Xeeroh, beautiful work. Now Berenstain, back to my profile, fella. ^^
Icalasari - February 3, 2009
^^ Yay. Time to hatch all those Berrok Eggs and sell off the babies!
Dragongod101 - February 3, 2009
Thats not as scary as b4....YAY!!!!!!!! By the way if u don't mind telling us when the updates will b ready... like when you said something about v2 or something... that would b grate!!!!!
Fenikkusu - February 3, 2009
That's awesome. o-o Makes me actually wanna hatch these now. YAY.
1ran - February 3, 2009
cool! it looks better now. but i'll miss the old egg cuz it looked kind of yummy....
Outsane - February 3, 2009
Beautiful! Well done, Xeeroh!
kittykato - February 3, 2009
...I ;liked it before...but definitely better....I think some older looking ones needed more of a revamp...
psychosilver288 - February 3, 2009
Whoa! AWESOME!!!!!!
Jooshypnut - February 3, 2009
HAHA only Xeeroh could turn the most boring, turned down pet, into something that everyone wants and loves...
chinchilla - February 3, 2009
Kaiba - February 3, 2009
Wow. I might actually hatch some Berrok eggs now. Looks great!
Seffora - February 3, 2009
I love all three stages. They are so awesome. Thanks for the remake.
varietyspice - February 3, 2009
still looks evil, but cute evil!! i'm going to hatch one!! XD
Stillwater3 - February 3, 2009
Oh! My! Goodness!! They are Awesome!!!!
SerenitySorrow - February 3, 2009
Nice! It actually makes my want to hatch some. Feirce!
wolfrainwolf - February 3, 2009
It looks SO much better! :3 Great job!
mewzoey11 - February 3, 2009
oops...sorry it changed...it looks way different! I LOVE IT!...but kinda scarey..but thats GOOD!
Mushrooms - February 3, 2009
I love it, I love it, I love it! :3 You rock Xeeroh.
MightyEagle - February 3, 2009
I love it! It actually makes me want to hatch one. :D
Sylphie - February 3, 2009
Awesome job, Xeeroh! I'm a bit afraid of it now, though, truth be told. XD Oh well! Amazing job. The berrok needed a revamp.
Topaz - February 3, 2009
WOWWWWIE! those are awesome i love em!
ribunny123 - February 3, 2009
Muirgen - February 3, 2009
O.O Now this makes me want one and keep it out. I will hope for a different color. :P Like maybe Silver or something.
Dairu - February 3, 2009
wow i LOVE LOVE it!!!!!! =3
Vagabond - February 3, 2009
Cute! :D I might jsut remove my Berroks from my shop! Awesome job, Xee!
mewzoey11 - February 3, 2009
wo thats really weird....is that new for everyone els...becuz thats the way its allways looked for me! it has not changed!
Geonightrose - February 3, 2009
Very much nicer! Now I can hatch them and LOVE them. ::grins and plots a berrok section for her army::
Ceiyru - February 3, 2009
So much better looking, in my opinion.
whatever6551 - February 3, 2009
I want one!
OliviaGrave - February 3, 2009
HOLY COW!!!! i LOVE it!!!
shadowcat3296 - February 3, 2009
Eep. Totally epic, awesome job. ...But I'm sort of scared of it. XD
whatever6551 - February 3, 2009
Maybell - February 3, 2009