Many years ago, a great famine swept the four worlds of Rescreatu. The guardians each tried to protect their own world but it did little to help their people. Creatu and humans alike were dying and the guardians were at a loss. Finally, they swallowed their pride and convened at the portal nexus, trying to find a way to protect their worlds. Together, they found a lone apple tree sapling near the nexus and blessed it with their powers. Strong growth and nutrient-rich soil, always filled with just the right amount of water and never freezing in cold or burning in heat. Fresh breezes free of anything dangerous and a powerful veil of protection against those seeking to bring it harm. This magic caused the little sapling to grow fast and strong, bearing an unending number of apples of all sorts and protecting the people until the famine passed.

To prevent greed or monopoly on the tree, after the famine ended the guardians placed an enchantment upon the tree to limit each Creatu to collecting one apple per day. This is how the apple tree we know came to exist, still protected and supported by the combined magic of the four guardians.