Legend tells of an ancient civilization, said to be descendants of Otroe himself, that once inhabited Reiflem. One day a volcano erupted and flames engulfed most of the development. Weeks passed by and the lava continued pouring. The citizens, desperate, prayed to Otroe for his help. The guardian heard their prayers and felt pity on the tribe, so summoned Pyre, his phoenix, to quench the flames with his magic.

When the smoke had settled and the magma had hardened, the residents were left with an oversized fiery basin of lava and flames that could not seem to be put out, no matter what was applied to them. The pit was deemed to be of no harm and life resumed as normal. Strangely enough, the flames glistened and seemed to... "whisper" into the ears of passerby, inviting them to make an offering to the pit.

It was only just recently that the Cooking Basin was rediscovered - and upon accident did they realize the basin could be used for cooking, and may even have other uses as well. Researchers are still very new in their explorations, but several of their studies have been published in what appears to be the form of a cookbook. It may be worth keeping an eye out for these!

Do you have what it takes to master this ancient method of cooking? Choose two or more items below and you may just be lucky enough to create something different.